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MA in Women, Gender, Spirituality, and Social Justice

"I change myself, I change the world." -Gloria E. Anzaldua

The MA in Women, Gender, Spirituality, and Social Justice (WGS) is a transdisciplinary program that prepares graduates to be change-makers who are guided by a sense of meaning, purpose, and vision. We are unique among academic programs that study women and gender in that we take seriously the realm of spirit. We bring current scholarship emerging from the fields of women/gender studies, ethnic studies, and related fields into dialogue with scholarship that addresses religion, spirituality, ecology, and healing. Graduates will develop skills that will enable them to either continue on in doctoral work or craft careers in the non-profit sector, higher education, or socially conscious entrepreneurship.

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This MA encourages students to engage in a process of deep academic and personal inquiry as they explore questions such as the following:

  • How can we recover the religious and spiritual voices of women and other historically marginalized groups?
  • How do our religious and symbolic systems both shape and reflect gendered and racialized hierarchies of power?
  • What role have spirituality and religion played in women's movements and related social justice movements around the world?
  • How do we integrate ecological justice and reverence for the Earth into our spiritual and political practices?

Students are also invited to develop their own questions, born of their interests and experiences. Our courses are based in an integral feminist pedagogy that integrates the insights of holistic education with those of social justice education. We recognize that the political and spiritual realms of experience deeply affect each other and encourage students to reflect on themselves as both spiritual beings and political beings. Our program prepares students to engage critically and creatively with the pressing social, cultural, and spiritual challenges of our times and to be agents of social transformation.