Mara Lynn Keller

Mara Lynn Keller, PhD

Women's Spirituality

4th Floor
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Mara Lynn Keller, PhD (Philosophy, Yale University) is a Professor of Philosophy and Religion and Women's Spirituality, and past Director of the Women's Spirituality MA and PhD program at the California Institute of Integral Studies, where she teaches courses on the Eleusinian Mysteries in which the rites are re-enacted; and on the Goddess and God Civilization of Ancient Crete.

She is a philosopher and thealogian, who has written articles about the Goddesses of Greece and Crete; including "Sacred Arts and Ritual in Crete of the Mother Goddess" and "The Eleusinian Mysteries' Ritual Path of Initiation." She is interested in promoting dialogue between Goddess people and God people. She is a co-founder of the OCHRE Journal of Women's Spirituality. And she has promoted many special events at CIIS celebrating women's sacred arts and scholarship, most recently Ïneffable/Woman: a Bi-coastal Conversation" with CERES Gallery in New York.

In keeping with her goal of integrating body, mind, and spirit, she is also a Rosen Method bodywork practitioner and movement teacher. She previously taught Philosophy and Women's Studies at the University of California at Riverside and at San Francisco State University, where she co-founded and coordinated the Global Peace Studies Program.

Mara Keller and Donna Reed speak about the film "Signs Out of Time: The Story of Archaeologist Marija Gimbutas" with Sandy Miranda on her KPFA show, "Women, Spirit, and Peace" (December 29, 2003).

Professor Mara Lynn Keller teaches courses in the Women's Spirituality program such as