Ian Grand

Ian J. Grand

Somatic Psychology

CIIS Main Building
2nd Floor
1453 Mission St.
San Francisco, CA 94103

Ian J. Grand, Ph.D., is Professor in the Somatic Psychology program at CIIS and Co-Director of the program’s Center for the Study of the Body in Psychotherapy. He received his M.A. in Clinical Psychology from Antioch University and his Ph.D. in Social and Cultural Psychology from the Union Institute.

Dr. Grand’s research interests span several areas of inquiry: He is interested in life-span development and has written extensively about influences of media, schooling, spiritual practice, and work on personality and social embodiment. He has written about issues of gender, ethnicity, and the polycultural as well as social and individual creativity, collaboration, and education. He has focused upon somatic psychology practices, looking at convergences between psychodynamic theory, socio-cultural understandings and somatic psychotherapy approaches. He was Director of the Social Physiology Institute in Berkeley, California.

Dr. Grand is Co-Editor of "The Body in Psychotherapy: Studies in the life of the Body, A Beginner’s Palette of Somatic Psychotherapy, and Qualities and Configurations." He has presented at conferences and published widely and served as Editor of the Journal of Somatic Psychotherapy. He is currently on the editorial board of the journal East West Affairs. He has served as Program Chair of the Somatic Psychology and Integral Health programs at CIIS and was co-founder of its Transformative Inquiry Program. He was Director of the Experimental College at San Francisco State University where he also founded and directed the school’s Center for Environmental Education and the Center for Educational Alternatives.

He is a musician, painter, and bibliophile.