Anne Krantz

Anne Krantz

Somatic Psychology

CIIS Main Building
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San Francisco, CA 94103

Anne Krantz, PhD, BC-DMT, is a dancer, registered dance therapist and licensed clinical psychologist. For over 30 years she has practiced, taught, researched and published on dance movement therapy in relation to clinical and health psychology. She works with adults and children of all ages, with special interest in attachment, development, trauma, creativity and integrative models of illness and health. On the medical staff of UCSF Medical Center, she has created a dance therapy program, Healing Through Dance, for cancer patients through the UCSF Cancer Resource Center that has been ongoing since 1996. Her recent writing links dance/movement therapy with intersubjective theory, and she participates in study groups with Steve Seligman, DMH and Allan Schore, PhD, that look at the implications of infant-parent research and developmental neuroscience for psychotherapy. Her early training with pioneer dance therapist Blanche Evan has continued to be the foundation of her practice and teaching pedagogy. She subsequently trained at the Infant-Parent Program of UCSF/ SF General Hospital, and UCSF/ Mt. Zion Hospital, where she completed a post-doctoral fellowship in the Pediatric Trauma and Rehabilitation Center. As a choreographer and dancer, she presented her work in several cities in the US and in Europe and India, and for many years taught the art of creative dance in relation to dance therapy.

Anne Krantz has always been dedicated toward integration of the whole person in the fields of dance, dance therapy and psychotherapy in research, practice, and training models. She has supervised and taught psychologists and dance movement therapists in both various clinical and academic settings, while maintaining an active private practice with adults and children in San Francisco. She began teaching in the Somatic Psychotherapy program in 2009 and joined the core faculty in 2011.


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