Thomas Simpson

Presenter at Saturday Night@CIIS

Thomas Simpson is the Founder and Artistic Director of San Francisco’s AfroSolo Theatre Company and Arts Festival. AfroSolo promotes and presents African American and African Diaspora art and culture through solo performances and the visual arts.

Since 1993, AfroSolo has been instrumental in providing a forum to give an authentic voice to the diverse experiences of Black people in the Americas.

In addition to providing an important venue for local talent to workshop, develop and show their work AfroSolo has drawn such luminary performers as activist-comedian Dick Gregory, actress Ruby Dee, poet June Jordan, singer Mavis Staples and others.

Simpson is the recipient of the Jefferson Award for Public Service (2006) and has served on the board of the on the board of the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco.

Thomas Simpson, Debby Kajiyama, and Keba Armand Konte join Saturday Night@CIIS on October 10 for a panel discussion on Art and Community.