Thaisa Frank


Thaisa Frank's short stories have received two PEN awards, and her two most recent collections SLEEPING IN VELVET, 1998, and A BRIEF HISTORY OF CAMOUFLAGE, 1992) have been on the Bestseller List of the San Francisco Chronicle. A BRIEF HISTORY OF CAMOUFLAGE was included in Dalton's New Voices. Both have been nominated for the Bay Area Book Reviewer's Association Award. The fiction of Thaisa Frank, according to the New York Times, works "by a tantalizing sense of indirection." The critic Don Skiles has described her stories as being "in the grand tradition of the fairy tale, the legend, the spell," and the reviewer Rob Hurwitt has called her work "domestic magical realism."

Thaisa Frank joins director Ellen Sebastian Chang, choreographer Joanna Haigood, and choreographer Keith Hennessy for a panel discussion on sustaining a life as an artist at CIIS on March 13.