Judy Grahn

Presenter at Saturday Night@CIIS

Judy Grahn, winner of the 2009 Lambda Award in Lesbian Poetry for love belongs to those who do the feeling, is a lifetime artist, teacher, and activist, whose work has been foundational to more than one social movement in the U.S. and internationally, including LGBTQ and Women’s Spirituality.

As a poet and social theorist, Judy’s work has been widely published, distributed, anthologized, and translated. She has presented her ideas in India, England, and Chile.

Both her book-length poems have been staged; many other poems have been choreographed and put to music in all genres from folk-rock to new music classical and rap.

Judy performs and collaborates with musicians, dancers, and visual artists. Her latest chapbook is Mental, a nine-part poem studying the subject of crazy. Much of Judy’s work centers on the reclamation of stories, values, and methods of Sacred Feminine traditions and archetypal characters.

She teaches all genres of writing, aesthetics, cultural theory, and literature. Also, Judy edits and publishes Metaformia: A Journal of Menstruation and Culture.

Judy joins Saturday Night@CIIS on September 12 for an evening of poetry and performance with musician Anne Carol.