Jovelyn Richards

Storyteller, Writer, and Actress Performing at Saturday Night @ CIIS

Jovelyn Richards is a published writer and professional storyteller/Actress. She is co-author of the novel The Onion, winner of the Digest Merit Award; author of Raising Autumn Colored Babies; Beyond Vanity; and various other published works. Her written and stage performances include, The Diaries of Aunt Jemima; Harlem Nights; Flowers Cut in a Vase and Dying. Jovelyn's recent work 'Come Home' premiered at The Marsh, 2007 in San Francisco. In 2007 she received Zellerbach funding for the second of her series of Nappy Headed Love Stories, "Come Home."

Jovelyn Richards joins MamaCoAtl, Judy Jordan, Amy Reed, and Lydick for a performance at CIIS on Saturday, February 13