Debby Kajiyama

Presenter at Saturday Night@CIIS

San Francisco native Debby Kajiyama began performing in the Bay Area in 1994 and has danced with Dandelion Dance Theater, June Watanabe in Company, ZACCHO Dance Theater and the Dance Brigade.

In 2001—together with collaborator, Jose Navarrete—she founded and became Co-Artistic Director of Navarrete x Kajiyama Dance Theater. Kajiyama and Navarrete have “a passion for immersing themselves in communities and subcultures, exploring people’s histories, and expressing experiences through performance that is accessible but that challenges the viewer to reflect on our times.

In addition to her choreographic and dance work Kajiyama’s intersecting interests in performance, anthropology and social change are reflected through her commitment over the past several years to organizing the Art and Social Activism component of San Francisco State University’s Annual Human Rights Summit at San Francisco State University.

Debby Kajiyama, Keba Armand Konte, and Thomas Simpson join Saturday Night@CIIS on October 10 for a panel discussion on Art and Community.