Randall Babtkis

Randall Babtkis, MFA

Associate Professor, MFA Programs

Editor, Mission at Tenth Inter-arts Journal

5th Floor
CIIS Main Building
1453 Mission Street
San Francisco, CA 94103

In real and invented life, Randall Babtkis, MFA (Columbia University), blends the immediacy of poetry with prose, art with artifact, colloquy with collage.  He is the founder of an early free media, cross-city/cross-genre work, The Telephone Project, produced in Venice, CA. He served as editor of Columbia: A Magazine of Poetry and Prose and has organized colloquia combining film, digital media, spoken word poetry and performance at the Roxie Theater in San Francisco.  Randall also taught writing workshops for the Academy of American Poets, curated a reading series at the Donnell Library, and read for the Academy’s Walt Whitman Award in New York.

More recently, he codirected the graduate writing program at New College of California. Randall has published a chapbook, Banister, and has contributed to literary magazines. His work has appeared in national publications ranging from The Quarterly to Slash Magazine, and can be found in The Columbia Review and Five Fingers Review.  Randall is also director of Mission At Tenth, the MFA program's inter-arts journal.