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The Economics of Dissent: A discussion with Omar Foglio, Lisa “Tiny” Gray-Garcia, and Michael Swaine

February  8, 2014
6:15 pm - 7:30 pm


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The Economics of Dissent

The Economics of Dissent: A discussion with Omar Foglio, Lisa “Tiny” Gray-Garcia, and Michael Swaine

Co-sponsored by the Center for Art and Social Justice at CIIS

Dignicraft, part art collective, media production company, and distributor of cultural goods, grew out of the collective work of Paola Rodríguez, José Luis Figueroa, and Omar Foglio. Inspired by human dignity and justice, the artisanal process of creation, and the potential of collaboration to spark change, Dignicraft encourages encounters normally not seen between people of different backgrounds by producing documentaries, distributing cultural goods, and leading collaborative workshops.

Poet, organizer, publisher, and spoken word artist Lisa “Tiny” Gray-Garcia is co-founder of POOR Magazine, a poor and indigenous people-led, community-driven nonprofit arts organization. The mission of POOR is to provide media access, education, and advocacy to youth, adults, and elders across the globe who have been rendered silent by poverty. POOR’s programming is committed to asking critical questions that reframe the debate around poverty and access.

Michael Swaine is the artist behind the Tenderloin neighborhood's Free Mending Library, a place for "fixing the holes in our lives--a place to borrow thread and sewing machines, and talk about life." Inventor, designer, and inveterate believer in the analog, Swaine has been with Futurefarmers since 1997. Collaborative by nature, his recent interdisciplinary projects with Futurefarmers include A Variation on Powers of Ten, the 2012 response to the Charles and Ray Eames film by the same name, and Shoemaker’s Dialogues (2011), which questioned the relationship between the soul and the sole.

Area 5, California Insitute of Integral Studies, 1453 Mission Street, San Francisco, CA 94103


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