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Collaborating Across Difference: Art and Dialogue: A conversation with Amara Tabor-Smith and Charlotte Sáenz

March  15, 2014
6:15 pm - 7:30 pm


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Collaborating Across Difference: Art and Dialogue

Collaborating Across Difference: Art and Dialogue: A conversation with Amara Tabor-Smith and Charlotte Sáenz

Co-sponsored by the Center for Art and Social Justice at CIIS

Oakland-based Amara Tabor-Smith of Deep Waters Dance is a self-described collaborator who gravitates to others who see the possibilities in working together. She weaves intensive research on issues, forms, and folklore, with dialogue and movement to create innovative works of narrative dance. Tabor-Smith has collaborated with many of the Bay Area’s best-known choreographers and dance companies, and recently choreographed Shakti Butler’s documentary film, “Making Whiteness Visible,” in which she also appears as a dancer.

Artist, activist, and CIIS faculty member Charlotte Sáenz works with communities worldwide toward social and political change. Using multimodal teaching and learning strategies with collaborative forms of creative expression, she works on revealing us to ourselves, disrupting dominant narratives, expanding our perspectives, and connecting us to new social action. She is a member of Universidad de la Tierra, Chiapas, and was Mexico Faculty for World Learning’s traveling program “Beyond Globalization.” She has also lived and worked in Lebanon (Arab Resource Center for Popular Arts, Brummana High School,) and Chicago (Street-Level Youth Media, Women in the Director’s Chair).

Area 5, California Insitute of Integral Studies, 1453 Mission Street, San Francisco, CA 94103


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