Integrative Health Studies

Students and Alumni

Students and Alumni of Integrative Health Studies

"My Integrative Health Studies M.A. prepared me in ways that exceeded expectations for my current position as wellness manager of five hospital and clinic sites." ~Toni Sicola, Alameda County Medical Center

"The CIIS curriculum for health coaching is above and beyond what's seen in the field. You'll be well prepared to go after this career."  ~Sarah Showalter, Health Coach

Graduates of the program work as:

• Health and wellness managers for corporations
• Integrative wellness coaches for individuals, families, and groups
• Faculty at community colleges
• Researchers, writers and consultants in health promotion
• Holistic spa administrators
• Integrative health practitioners
• Community health educators
• Practitioners in mind-body techniques
• Advocates for social, political and environmental interventions
• Authors in health promotion
• Entrepreneurs in health promotion start-ups
• Consultants to healthy living web sites, portals, and app developers

The US Department of Labor, the Institute of Medicine, and the Affordable Care Act point to the growing demand for community-based integrative health coaches to address the need for behavioral and attitudinal change on a personal and communal level.