Megan Lipsett

Megan Lipsett, MA

Adjunct Faculty
Integrative Health Studies

Mindfulness and Optimal Wellbeing

Sustainable Health and Ecology

CIIS Main Building
1453 Mission St.
San Francisco, CA 94103

Megan is a recent graduate of the IHL program. Her original academic research developed an assessment scale for integrative medicine clinics to examine essential conditions for optimal and sustained well-being. She assisted Elliot Dacher, MD, in the presentation of a beta workshop on human flourishing. That workshop has now been developed into a required course for IHL with the intention of providing a meditative foundation for incoming cohorts. In addition, she has a deep interest in Ayurvedic Medicine.

Megan teaches Mindfulness and Optimal Wellbeing and Sustainable Health and Ecology

In Mindfulness and Optimal Wellbeing, participants will learn the theoretical aspects of the integral health model and human flourishing (psychospiritual, biological, interpersonal, and worldly aspects), learning how to incorporate meditation and mindful lifestyle practices personally and professionally. The course will include an in‐depth exploration of both traditional and modern scientific understandings about the relationship between mind and matter, and the relevance of mindfulness and daily lifestyle practices in the health and wellness field. Participants will gain the skills and knowledge to incorporate mindfulness and integral healing into their integrative health practices, learning how to expertly support lasting behavior change, mindful living, and optimal health and well‐being.

Sustainable Health and Ecology utilizes systems theory to explore sustainable life practices that create optimal well-being, social equality, and environmental renewal. We will consider the perspective of health as a balanced use of life resources (physical, ecological, modified, social, mental, emotional, and spiritual) to understand the root cause of dis-ease. We will examine practical skills in healthy lifestyle design, stress reduction, self-care practices, conscious consumption, social activism, and community-building that promote optimal health and well-being and social, emotional, and ecological intelligence.