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Health & Wellness Coaching

Health & Wellness Coaching Certificate

In addition to the M.A. degree, students earn the CIIS Certification in Integrative Wellness Coaching and Integrative Wellness Management. As an integrative health practitioner and CIIS Certified Integrative Wellness Coach, you will have the theoretical knowledge and practical skills to have a fulfilling career.

The CIIS Certified Integrative Wellness Coach not only works with the conventional health coaching goals of lifestyle enhancement, wholesome nutrition, improved physical activity and stress reduction, but goes one step beyond and assists clients in social advocacy, complementary therapies, meaning, purpose and life vision.

The Certificate is obtained by taking the required courses within the two-year MA curriculum. Plans are underway to also offer a free-standing Certificate in Health Coaching at CIIS.

  • Facilitate others in health-enhancing behaviors and assist them in attaining their health goals.
  • Develop effective coaching skills for individuals or groups.
  • Deepen personal commitments to holistic self-care practices.
  • Investigate career opportunities and practice professional marketing techniques.
  • Work independently or with corporate employers, insurance companies, medical practices, or chronic disease management firms.

Program Highlights

  • CIIS faculty is on the Leadership Team of the National Consortium for Certification of Health and Wellness Coaches. The curriculum is updated in an ongoing manner to satisfy evolving educational standards for health coaches.
  • Program Chair Meg Jordan has authored a leading text in the field, How to be a Health Coach.
  • Coaching curriculum includes leading theories and evidence-based models, including Motivational Interviewing, Transtheoretical Model, Positive Psychology, Internal Family Systems, NonViolent Communication, and Enneagram for Coaching.
  • Students can link with alumni network of integrative health practitioners and coaches.
  • The CIIS program has been awarded an unprecedented 402 contact hours as an International Coach Federation (ICF) Coach Specific Approved site. These hours can be applied toward the professional coach certifications offered by ICF.

Health Coaching: A Growing Job Market

Health coaching was listed by US Department of Labor statistics as within the top ten growing job markets in 2012. Health coaching was recognized at the 2009 Institute of Medicine Integrative Medicine Summit as a critical ground-floor position within the integrative health care system.

Health and wellness coaches are hired by corporations, health insurers, medical practices, and chronic disease management firms, in addition to having private practices.

Health and wellness coaching is a rapidly growing profession that reawakens and supports a commitment for holistic self-care and goal-setting recognized in health research as necessary antecedents for improved self-care. Coaching provides accessible support. Coaches offer a de-stigmatized means for friendly support for the critical task of reducing lifestyle-generated illness among diverse populations.

Many people recognize the need to change personal health habits in order to halt or reverse a chronic condition, but they don't often believe that medical or psychological counseling is warranted. However, people often welcome a coach to help them demystify the steps required for successful change.