Integrative Health Studies

Students and Alumni

Alumni of Integrative Health Studies

"My Integrative Health Studies M.A. prepared me in ways that my exceeded expectations." ~Toni Sicola, Alameda County Medical Center

"The CIIS curriculum for health coaching is above and beyond what's seen in the field. You'll be well prepared to go after your career."  ~Sarah Showalter-Feuillette, Health Coach

Career Preparedness:

In a survey of recent alumni, IHL found the following:

• 92% are working in integrative health full- or part-time
• 50% work at least part-time for a wellness coaching app
• 45% feel that their internship led to a job or is helping them in the work they currently do
• 100% believe that IHL taught them more about integrative health practices and how to support lifestyle changes in others

Our Graduates Work As:

• Health/Wellness coaches at hospitals, clinics, private practices, corporations, schools, and for apps
• Complementary and alternative medicine practitioners in private practice
• Wellness managers for corporations or non-profit organizations
• Administrators and supervisors in integrative health organizations and clinics
• Managers for holistic businesses (herbal, Ayurveda, Reiki, lifestyle health)
• Managers in non-profits such as family advocacy, community wellness, food banks, health-related agencies
• Writers, bloggers, researchers on integrative health

A Burgeoning Field

The US Department of Labor, the Institute of Medicine, and the Affordable Care Act point to the growing demand for community-based integrative health coaches to address the need for behavioral and attitudinal change on a personal and communal level.

What Our Graduates Are Saying:

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"My work involves a combination of wellness coaching, health- and wellness-related writing, and wellness consulting. My internship with Dr. Judd Allen, a wellness consultant who works with groups in the US and abroad, developed into a long-term working relationship. Dr. Allen's work focuses on how to create supportive sub-cultures for wellness, rather than expecting individuals to make healthy choices in spite of their physical and social environments at home and work. This approach, combined with the coaching skills and broad integrative perspectives that I gained through Integrative Health Studies, is the foundation of all of my work. The program was a perfect match for my interests and goals as a student, and now as a professional." ~Colleen Webb

"I'm a Wellness Program Manager at Alameda Health System, a large chain of safety net hospitals and ambulatory care facilities in Alameda County. I was hired to create the program and manage all aspects of programming for 4700 employees at 9 sites. It's been an exciting adventure to bring a holistic wellness model to an allopathic setting, and test my skills and ingenuity. I'm also working on an independent business venture ( where I focus on how wellness relates to personal fulfillment, food, and activity. The faculty in the Integrative Health program represented both the academic and professional sides of various health and wellness disciplines, and gave me strong professional mentors to pursue my goals." ~Toni Sicola

"I am finding my true path in my work with education and children. I was given a large grant to develop and implement alternative education practices for a school district in Canada, and am working on programs specifically aimed at invigorating the 'internal intelligence' and personal power often latent within individuals, and especially children who have suffered trauma. It is unbelievably rewarding and has resulted in great attention and support from both the local and national community, as well as extremely positive outcomes for the children. Integrative Health provided me with the stimulation, opportunity, and support to stretch my personal experience of life to such a degree that this all became possible." ~Ciel Patenaude

"I work in Mexico City as a bilingual integrative health coach and consultant, with an emphasis on chronic illness --type 2 diabetes, obesity, etc. I also teach yoga and practice Traditional Thai Massage. Although the need for this type of work is expanding at an alarming rate here, therapeutic resources are still quite limited. Every day I'm excited, delighted, and honored to be a part of this nascent healing community." ~Kelly Guevara

"After completing the Integrative Health program, I began working as a health coach in the corporate wellness field. After a few years of experience both as a coach and as a manager, I set off with the confidence to start my own business which I have successfully run now for over a year. The health coaching program, combined with the entire Integrative Health Studies curriculum, is both comprehensive and extremely progressive. Motivated students will happily find themselves better prepared than they realized for a fruitful career in this emerging field." ~Sarah Showalter-Feuillette

"The Integrative Health program taught me the undeniable power of community in facilitating personal growth and healing. In my work for a large, integrative primary care practice, I develop and manage group wellness programs where individuals feel empowered to be active agents in their health. I learned essential skills in my coaching classes that I use every day as I teach people practical skills and provide them a safe space where they feel a sense of belonging, acceptance, and community." ~Kareen Patterson

"I'm a psychologist and a musician, and the Integrative Health program helped me to start my practice as a sound healer and voice therapist, and to deepen and strengthen the psychologist and musician aspects of myself. At CIIS, I shaped and materialized my purpose in life." ~Valentina Moyano

"The Integrative Health Studies program cultivated my ability to see the connections among personal health, community, and the environment.  After graduating, I developed my integrative health skills by farming and living off the land in a rural community in Oregon. I then returned to Oakland and am now applying my skills as a local and seasonal foods chef, offering cooking classes at farmers' markets around the Bay Area. I focus my classes on the health and environmental benefits of local seasonal foods, and give people the skills to shop with confidence and ease at farmer's markets and cook what they find there." ~Sara Haston