Integrative Health Studies

Integrative Health Studies Program

M.A. in Integrative Health Studies

This award-winning, 40-credit program is the first in the nation to prepare master's level leaders in the expanding fields of integrative health and wellness coaching. The curriculum offers in-depth study in the intersecting fields that are transforming health care from its current, ongoing crisis to one that emphasizing the use of preventive strategies in wellness and health promotion. 

Integrative health is an individualized, client-centered approach to wellness, combining a whole person model with evidence-based strategies to reduce disease risk by turning around lifestyle behaviors.  Students learn how to assist others in setting and achieving health goals, employing a variety of integrative tools, such as meditation, breath work, yoga, guided imagery, mind-body techniques, whole foods nutrition, exercise and movement, stress management, sound healing, and personal health planning. 

They also learn to be social advocates for social change, since environmental and social factors are determinants of health.

Graduates of the program enter a wide range of professional leadership positions as wellness managers, health coaches, practitioners, educators and researchers.

Recognized Leader in Integral Learning

  • Includes rigorous scholarship, embodied practices, mind-body-spirit integration, and community activism. 
  • Combines multiple ways of knowing, traditional healing wisdom, and evidence-based modalities, the MA program features a multidisciplinary, multifaceted learning environment.

  • Employs a bio-psycho-social model from multiple perspectives with cultural sensitivity and health equity at the foundation.

Certificate in Integrative Wellness Coaching and Wellness Management

  • Earned along with the M.A. degree upon successful completion of the Wellness Coaching module.

  • Approved by the International Coach Federation (ICF) for 402 contact hours of Approved Coach Specific Training (ACSTH) which can lead to ICF coach certification.

  • Aligned with NCCHWC evolving educational standards, which offer the latest in evidence-based practices.

Certificate in Guided Imagery

  • Earned along with the M.A. degree upon successful completion of a 3-credit (45 contact hour) course, Transformative Imagery.

  • Features theoretical foundations and findings in neuroscience and applications for stress reduction, health enhancement, recovery from illness, and life enrichment.

Intensive 200-hour Internship

  • Allows real-world experience to consolidate classroom learning.
  • Provides the opprotunity to learn from and be inspired by leaders in the field.
  • Focuses on one or more of the following areas of service-learning: Alternative and Complementary Healing, Health Advocacy and Coaching, Organizational Wellness Programming, Vulnerable Populations, Spirituality and Healing, Global Health Issues, Integrative Health Research, Sound and Healing, and Integrative Health Administration. 

Additional Features

  • Winner of the Academic Excellence Award in 2011 from the National Wellness Institute.

  • Eligible for federal financial aid.

  • Successful alumni network of integrative health practitioners.
  • Program may be completed in two years when enrolled full-time; part-time option is also available.
  • Department Chair Prof. Meg Jordan serves as Co-President of the National Consortium for Credentialing Health and Wellness Coaches (NCCHWC).