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ICP Counseling Centers

ICP Counseling Centers

Our Three Counseling Centers

CIIS Counseling Centers have been offering mind-body-spirit psychotherapy to individuals, couples, and families in the Bay Area for more than 25 years, providing a safe and supportive setting in which clients can explore a wide range of life issues— emotional, interpersonal, psychological, and spiritual. 

Named “Best of the Bay 2008” by the San Francisco Bay Guardian, CIIS Counseling Centers are conveniently located throughout San Francisco, and are staffed by graduate students and postgraduate interns. Our therapists are well trained in a variety of therapeutic orientations: somatic, transpersonal, psychodynamic, and Gestalt, as well as more conventional modes of psychotherapy. Because our therapists integrate Western psychology with knowledge from the world’s spiritual traditions, the counseling provided in our centers is unique and respects the specific growth and healing process of each individual.

Roughly 50% of ICP students complete their practicum at the Integral Counseling Centers (ICCs). While the ICCs are geared toward a private practice model and offer training in depth psychotherapy, some students may be more drawn to a variety of other practicum formats. These include schools, hospitals, hospice, community mental health, child/family, etc. Students may also be more drawn to working with a particular population or in a particular location that the ICCs do not serve, or to learning a theoretical orientation not taught at the ICCs.

The Institute's Field Placement Office offers a comprehensive list of approved sites in the community. We encourage students to apply to at least 5-6 external sites in addition to our own Integral Counseling Centers, since placement in an ICC is not guaranteed. The Field Placement Office staff and the ICP Advising and Supervision Coordinator can offer support for finding and securing placements that match students' interests.

CIIS has a total of five counseling centers. Three are affiliated with the Integral Counseling Psychology program while the other two are affiliated with the Somatic Psychology program and the Clinical Psychology Doctoral program.

Church Street Integral Counseling Center

1782 Church Street, San Francisco
Gieve Patel, Director

At Church Street Integral Counseling Center, our therapists take an integral approach to healing that recognizes the interrelationships among mind, body, and spirit.

Our approaches emanate from traditional disciplines as well as contemporary humanistic and transpersonal psychologies, including Gestalt, narrative therapy, psychosynthesis, and dreamwork.

Pierce Street Integral Counseling Center
2140 Pierce Street, San Francisco

Dan Gottsegen, Director

Pierce Street Integral Counseling Center is a nonprofit counseling center dedicated to providing affordable psychotherapy to residents of the San Francisco Bay Area.

Our therapy is tailored to honor and respect the uniqueness of each individual. We pay particular attention to clients’ desires to find answers within themselves, while also offering our professional expertise and direction in a collaborative effort toward healing.

Golden Gate Integral Counseling Center

507 Polk Street, Ste. 450, San Francisco

Jessica Wallace, Director

Our therapists’ approach at Golden Gate Integral Counseling Center is tailored to each person and recognizes the desire of individuals to find answers within themselves.

We aim to provide caring, professional psychotherapy and counseling in a relationship of trust and respect. The basis of our practice is an integral model; we see each person as essentially whole and include all aspects of the person in the healing process.