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The Meaning of Dreams: Elemental Archetypes in Dreamwork with Renee Beck

April  15, 2013
6:15 pm - 7:30 pm


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Renee Beck

The Meaning of Dreams: Elemental Archetypes in Dreamwork with Renee Beck

About the Presentation

Do you dream of overwhelming ocean waves or of calm streams? Raging fires or gentle hearth heat? Caves, mountains, and mighty winds? These experiences all symbolize different aspects of the self in process. Calling on Jungian and Western esoteric symbolism, we’ll begin to explore how we use the archetypes of Earth, Water, Air, and Fire in our dreams to help convey messages to our waking selves.

About the Presenter

Renee Beck has been working with dreams, ritual, energy, and symbolic systems for more than forty years. She studied intuition with Helen Palmer, dreams with Strephon Kaplan-Williams, and did dreamwork with Charles Ponce for six years. She maintains a private practice in dreamwork and transpersonal therapy; and she does clinical supervision, consultation, and training. She is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist with more than thirty years of experience. She earned an MA in transpersonal counseling, and an MA in clinical psychology from JFK University. Her office is in the Rockridge area of Berkeley.

For More Information

For more information, contact dkoenig@ciis.edu or 415-575-3490.

Room 207, California Institute of Integral Studies, 1453 Mission Street, San Francisco, CA 94103