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Reading Kali and the Tantric Way: What Would Kali Do? With Madhu Khanna, PhD

April  24, 2014
6:15 pm - 7:30 pm

Integral Counseling Psychology   


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Reading Kali and the Tantric Way with Madhu Khanna

Reading Kali and the Tantric Way: What Would Kali Do? With Madhu Khanna, PhD

About the Presentation

Kali is one of the most popular and awe-inspiring deities of Shakta Tantra who figures prominently in the cultural life of Bengal and eastern India. From her official debut in the Devimahatmya (6h century) to her momentous rise in the Shakta Tantra, she has assumed countless guises. Sung by the poets, revered by the Tantrikas, invoked as symbol of nationalistic fervor, and shunned by Victorian prudes, she has been favored by many feminists as an embodiment of inclusive womanhood. This lecture examines the contrasting personifications of the goddess Kali and suggests what Kali may mean to the women of today.

About the Presenter

Madhu Khanna, PhD, is the Founder and Chairperson of Tantra Foundation in New Delhi, a center for traditional learning, creative arts, and self-evolution. She is Professor of Religious Studies and Director of Centre for the Study of Comparative Religion & Civilization at Jamia Millia Islamia University in New Delhi. She received her PhD in Religious/Indic Studies from Wolfson College, Oxford University in 1986. She was awarded the Homi Bhabha Fellowship in 1991–1993. She has authored several books and research papers in journals worldwide.

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Contact Arunima Sharma at asharma@ciis.edu or (415) 575-6130.

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