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Alone Together with Adam Shemper

March  4, 2013
6:15 pm - 7:30 pm


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Adam Shemper

Alone Together with Adam Shemper

Words and Images on the Value of Being in Relationship

About the Presentation

Alone Together is a multimedia presentation about learning the value of relationship on the path from isolation to intimacy. This slideshow and talk is a first-person account of transformation over time, from being an anxious, isolated documentary photographer to stepping out from behind the camera into authentic relationship as a psychotherapist. I want to give you a visceral feeling of someone else’s development—in this case, mine—and to connect the explicit transformation in images to the great benefits of depth psychotherapy.

The presentation includes photographs in my twenties that focused directly on the suffering of workers and junk-haulers in my families’ 95-year old scrap metal recycling junkyard in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, of inmates in the Louisiana State Penitentiary and children in an orphanage and hospitals in Iraq. More recent images, of family in California and in the South, of daily life in San Francisco and landscapes in Sonoma and Big Sur, take up the themes of connection and intimacy. The photographs show how the way I related to others and the world changed over time. There’s a clear movement from loneliness, isolation and fear into the realization of aloneness, oneness and freedom.

The images are a jumping off point to talk about the deep benefits of therapeutic relationships that serve to bridge us to a greater sense of interconnectedness and love. We’ll then have a broader discussion on the value and benefit of being and becoming in relationship.

About the Presenter

Adam Shemper is a writer, photographer and Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in Petaluma and San Francisco. His images and words have appeared in Time, Mother Jones, Double Take, Exposure, The Oxford American and Salon.com and The New York Times, as well as other national and international newspapers.

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