Integral Counseling Psychology

Students and Alumni

Students and Alumni of the ICP Program

Current Students

Barbara Loeb entered the ICP program in Fall 2008, after the youngest of her three children left for college. Integral Counseling Psychology is a second career for Barbara, who worked as a marketing manager for more than 20 years in large Bay Area corporations.

After earning her MA degree at CIIS, Barbara hopes to work in a community-based organization or hospital, serving needy populations.

Michael Loeffler thought his corporate job of many years would never end. He was producing, but more for them, than for himself. Throughout the ICP program "I've learned what it truly means to be sustainable in that I balance the needs of the self and the needs of the community. It's hard to believe but I'll soon be starting to see clients (practicum) and building the sustainable entrepreneur in me. Thank you CIIS."

Elizabeth Sullivan is the founder of City CarShare, and a co-founder of Streetline Networks. She serves on the Board of several community organizations, including the Buen Dia Family School and the Hayes Valley Neighborhood Parks Group.

She lives in the Mission District with her partner and their two sons. Her counseling focus includes mothering/fertility issues and feminist approaches to therapy; as well as a special interest in poetry and creative inspiration. She serves as the student representative to the ICP Program Committee.

Alumni Profiles

Cigdem Alper (2007) worked as an MFTI at the Center for Healthy Development in Santa Clara. She gained experience on leading parenting groups with high-conflict parents and worked in the development of the New Skills and Choices program curriculum.

She returned to her home country—Turkey—in December 2008 and started working as a psychotherapist at the Relationship Psychotherapy Institute in Istanbul. Cigdem provides counseling to families, couples, and individuals on issues such as emotion regulation and relationship and communication problems.

Also, she leads groups and workshops on emotion regulation. In March 2009, Cigdem presented a workshop, "New Skills and Choices," at the Fifth Turkish Family and Marriage Therapies Symposium.

Kerry Brady, MA (2001), SEP, mentors others in awakening to their essential nature and to following its natural movement and inherent wisdom. She has more than 20 years of experience in transformational modalities including psychotherapy, somatic experiencing, bodywork, authentic movement, nature-based practices, and vision quests.

Her deepest informant, however, is the wisdom gleaned through the unfolding of her own spiritual path. Kerry's greatest love is in being with others as they shed limiting stories, identities, and patterns and open to what naturally wants to bloom.

As adjunct faculty at CIIS, she and Brian Swimme co-teach Nature and Eros-an exploration into what it is to live in participatory engagement within a living universe and in more authentic alignment with the cultural and ecological shift of our time.

Her nature-based retreats invite a more intimate engagement with all of life, weaving the personal, ecological, and cosmological aspects of our being into one fluid whole.

Rochelle D'Silva (2005) is pursuing a PhD in East-West Psychology at CIIS. She has lived in San Francisco for six years, before which she resided in India and the United Arab Emirates.

Having been exposed to several cultures and ethnicities, Rochelle has enormous experience working with diverse populations and minorities. She is currently pursuing her Marriage and Family Therapist license in the state of California.

Rochelle is in charge of the clinical coordination of the internship and training programs at Pacific Institute and supports clinical activities at the Pacific Institute Agesong Senior Communities. She is also involved in her ongoing research on auditory hallucinations in schizophrenia, which she has presented in a paper at the First Global Conference on Madness in Oxford, England.

Lexi Frank (2008) is in her last semester of internship at Golden Gate Integral Counseling Center. She counsels individuals as well as facilitates groups and workshops at both GGICC and Downtown High School.

Her areas of special interest are depression and trauma, grief and loss, addiction, relationships, and communication, as well as life transitions and existential issues. Lexi will be transitioning into a private-practice internship in May 2009. She also teaches yoga to incarcerated girls in the San Francisco Juvenile System.

Nathan Lupo (2007) sees individual adults, couples, adolescents and families in private practice in the Hayes Valley neighborhood of San Francisco under the supervision of Allan Regenstreif, MFT.

He trained for two years at the Gestalt-oriented Church Street Integral Counseling center, and he continues his studies now with the California Psychoanalytic Circle of the Freudian School of Quebec. You can read more about Nathan's practice on his website.

Will Sherwin, MA (2007), is a registered MFT Intern who helps bereaved children in San Francisco recover after the loss of a loved one. He also works in a community mental health agency consulting and offering parent/ teacher training on early-childhood mental health. Will has built on his education at CIIS by completing the two-year Hakomi Comprehensive Training, incorporating mindfulness and body psychotherapy in his work.

He credits the ICP program with providing him a compassionate and wise foundation in helping others to heal from pain and suffering. Visit his website and blog.