Integral Counseling Psychology

Integral Counseling Psychology Master's Program

Weekday Course

Duration: 2.5 years
Study mode: Full-time
Starting: September or January


Duration: 3 years
Study mode: Full-time, 5 weekends per semester (Fri-Sun)
Starting: September

Learning Outcomes

  • Earn a Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology
  • Fulfill all academic requirements for Marriage and Family (MFT) licensure in the state of California.*
  • Hone your clinical skills and professional expertise through practicums in CIIS' counseling centers or at a variety of external sites.
  • Engage in transformative, integral, and transpersonal learning

Program Description

This program is experiential, culturally sensitive, and centered on the inner work necessary for becoming a healer.

Drawing upon the major spiritual traditions of the East and West, recent cultural and social sciences research, and the innovations made by contemporary psychoanalytic, humanistic, systemic and transpersonal psychologies, we view psychological healing and growth within the larger context of spiritual unfolding.

Integral education is not "neck up." It will meet and stretch you on every level: body, heart, mind, spirit. We create a learning community that is both profoundly challenging and deeply supportive.


Founded in 1973 on the recommendation of Dr. Haridas Chaudhuri, ICP was the first transpersonally-oriented, East-West psychology graduate program in the world.

Because our education is so thorough, our students usually achieve the highest pass rates of all graduate degree programs of any significant size in California on the Marriage and Family Therapist (MFT) exams.

*Students wishing to additionally apply for the LPCC license can do so by taking extra courses beyond our curriculum's requirements.