Lisbeth White

Alum of Expressive Arts Therapy

Lisbeth White, MA, LMFT (2007) is a licensed Marriage & Family Therapist and expressive arts therapist. A dancer since the age of 6, she received her BA with a dual-degree in Creative Writing and Sociology, which inspired her to integrate both sociocultural contexts and the creative process into her art and work with children in crisis shelters. Needless to say, she felt like she hit the jackpot when coming across the EXA program at CIIS!

Lisbeth received advanced training in relational therapy from the Women's Therapy Center in El Cerrito.  She is also an ongoing student of holistic bodywork and shamanic practices, which continues to inform her work with clients by augmenting the expressive arts with body-oriented, somatic and transpersonal resources. She is a big believer that we each hold all the tools and skills needed to be our own healers, and sees her role as a supportive presence and guide as clients regain contact with all aspects of themselves. She finds this approach incredibly effective in mending the wounds of all types of trauma--familial, generational, relational and abusive, as well as traumas that can arise from living in a culture insufficiently supportive of diverse racial, ethnic, sexual, gender and/or socioeconomic identities.

Lisbeth has provided Expressive Arts Therapy in a variety of settings, including residential treatment centers, health clinics for youth, retreats for military families, family counseling centers, and nonprofit agencies. She currently has a private practice in Oakland and San Francisco where she sees individuals, adolescents and families. She is a co-facilitator of the youth group InVision, a continuing group for adolescents to learn and practice mindfulness, creative expression and somatic awareness. She also LOVES collaborating with writers and artists to create workshops and spaces for art-based healing/ healing-based art.

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