Karin von Daler

Alum of Expressive Arts Therapy

Karin von Daler, MFT, REAT, (2002) is in full time private practice in Copenhagen as a psychologist, EXA therapist, and student supervisor. She is also the co-founder of the creative and body oriented psychotherapy center Nyt Anastasis.
In addition she is core faculty at the Danish Art Therapy Institute where she teaches intermodal and depth oriented expressive arts. The program an accredited four-year program that qualifies students from all the nordic countries to be registered expressive arts psychotherapists. She teaches world wide and has taught at Naropa Institute and CIIS, but more recently has focused on Norway, Greenland, Sweden and Denmark.
Karin plays harp in an ensemble with harpist Helen Davies, performing mostly in Denmark. She is working on a new online gallery Evoarte for Expressive Artists worldwide, where she will also be sharing her own visual art pieces (take a look at one of Karin's pieces).
She co-wrote a chapter on Expressive Arts and Dialectical Behavior Therapy which will be published in a new book on mindfulness and the creative arts therapies edited by Laury Rappaport with Jessica Kingsley Publishers in 2013.
She is very open to hearing from EXA people from all over the world!


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