George Brais

Student of Expressive Arts Therapy

George Brais is a multi-disciplined artist who draws upon all modalities in his expression. He established and is currently facilitating a creative process he calls ‘Euphorah' that utilizes drama, music, imaginal language, movement, video, and visual art simultaneously within an inspiring collaborative group space that ultimately culminates in a live witnessed performance. Having experienced first hand the healing power of the arts, Brais decided to further his education in psychology and join the EXA program through which he envisions combining his passion of the arts and his natural shamanic healing abilities in the therapeutic space. This past summer, Brais took 'Euphorah' to Calcutta India and was able to share this process through a two month workshop with Hue ‘n' I while releasing his first official music album. This was a very enriching experience for him and is the beginning of his future practice. He is currently collaborating with fellow students and co-facilitating workshops on Energy Healing & Expressive Arts. Brais is also actively involved in MAPP (Mission Arts Performance Project) and is currently promoting Plasma, an art gallery based in India that supports children with blood disorders. Currently in his second year, he looks forward to completing the program and traveling the world so he may be able to share the tremendous healing power of the arts.

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