Danielle Burnette

Student of Expressive Arts Therapy

Danielle Burnette (2011) is originally from Los Angeles but has lived in the East Bay for over ten years. She came to the Expressive Art Therapy program because she had been moved by the power of artistic expression in her own personal healing and wanted to engage in training that would allow her to make this type of therapy accessible to individuals and families in diverse communities. She is particularly interested in working with adolescents, young adults, and young families and typically uses visual art, poetry, and music. She completed her practicum at Bay Area Community Resources, and was placed at DeAnza High School in Richmond, CA providing individual and group counseling to high school students. She also works at a nonprofit organization, Pivotal Point Youth Services providing Expressive Art groups to at-risk youth ages 14-24 as well. Of particular value to her in the Expressive Art Therapy program has been learning how to work with marginalized individuals through Expressive Arts in a way that accentuates each individual's inherent ability, allows the client to realize and celebrate the strength and resilience already inside them, and find ways to use this knowledge to make change in their lives. Her goal is to continue her education by obtaining a PhD in Clinical Psychology and work with African American individuals and families around healing the inter-generational trauma of slavery using Expressive Art Therapy.

Cast Iron LifeDanielle is the author of Cast Iron Life: a collection of poems and recipes



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