Aradhna Singh

Student of Expressive Arts Therapy

Aradhna Singh is both a spiritual healer and an artist. Originally from Calcutta India, Aradhna holds a BA in studio Art & an MFA in Electronic Art from the University of Cincinnati. She also pursued undergraduate courses at the Fashion Institute of Technology (NYC) as well as graduate courses in Electronic Visualization at Mississippi State University. Although she has dabbled with a variety of mediums, her favorite forms of expression are painting, video installation & motion capture. Over a decade ago, she started a company called Hue ‘n' I and has been conducting a series of expressive arts & energy healing workshops for people of all ages in India. In 2005 she started Plasma, an art gallery that helps raise funds for children with blood disorders in Calcutta India which she is now promoting in San Francisco. Being a certified Energy Healer & Angel Therapy practitioner, Aradhna decided to join the EXA program to combine her passion for the arts and healing. Currently in her second year, she is co-facilitating workshops in San Francisco that help individuals tap into their spiritual gifts through the expressive arts. She is also working with fellow students on projects such as Euphorah, a powerful multi-disciplinary experience through which artists are able to collaborate, share & be witnessed. A recipient of multiple grants and awards including the Aparajita award of Excellence in the Field of Art, Aradhna is determined to make a significant contribution in the worldwide practice of EXA. Her mission is to use the healing aspects of the expressive arts to help deepen our connection with Self & Source.

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