EXA Happenings

EXA Happenings


Shoshana Simons, PhD, RDT
EXA Program Chair, Shoshana Simons will be co-facilitating a workshop with Saphira Lindenentitled Guided by Intuition: Heart and Soul of Psychotherapy with as part of the American Society of Group Psychotherapy and Psychodrama's  Annual Conference in Oakland, California April 3-7, 2014. Shoshana's workshop will take place on Sunday, April 6th from 9:15-12:15am. 

Gloria Simoneaux
Gloria will be offering a unique study/work program in expressive arts therapy with survivors of trafficking, and their technical support staff. The program takes place in Nepal May 24th-June 9th, 2014. "You will experience the resilience of seven Nepali trainers, and the phenomenal healing power of the expressive arts in a spiritually rich environment."

Armand Volkas MFA, MA, MFT, RDT/BCT
Armand will be co-facilitating Dreaming in Tuscany, a seven day workshop/retreat that includes dream exploration, art/movement classes, Piazza d'Italia Italian culinary & language lessons and more. July 12-19, 2014. "Dreams are messages that hold the knowledge of one's inner world, desires, and visions for the future. By paying attention to their encoded images we may gain access into a realm of creativity and imagination that profoundly nurtures our being. Join us for a voyage into the heart of Tuscany where you can explore your dreams through art, theatre, movement, and play." 

Also, don't miss Armand at the American Society of Group Psychotherapy and Psychodrama's Annual Conference in Oakland, California April 3-7, 2014. Armand will be presenting Healing History's Wounds Through Action Methods on Saturday April 5th.

Kate Donohue PhD, REAT
In collaboration with Aba Tours and many Ghanaian artists, Kate will be facilitating a The Indigenous Roots of Expressive Arts Therapy: Learning from the Arts in Ghana August 4-17, 2014. "Ghana offers a rich glimpse into the soul of Expressive Arts Therapy (EXAT), the use of the arts for healing, community building and spirituality. Using the vast artistic resources of Ghana, Kate will introduce participants to the experience, theory and application of EXAT through a Jungian lens. Indigenous cultures have always known that the psyche is revealed not only through words, but through images, symbols and the body." For more information email

Phil Weglarz MFT, REAT
Check out Phil's blog at active imagination, listing some radical artistic side projects including (re)create and animate your toys, and robot artists!

Lois Friedlander, MA, MFT, CGP, BC-MT
Lois currently has openings in her Wednesday evening therapy Group in San Francisco. This group is based in psychodynamic/interpersonal theory, and is comprised of student and professional women (but is now open to men). They focus on the here and now and discuss the conundrums, stressors, and interpersonal challenges of life's myriad relationships. Email for more information.

Lois also facilitates an affordable supervision group for MFT interns on Wednesday mornings in San Francisco. Interested in integrating Mindfulness, CBT, EXA, with Interpersonal and Psychodynamic skills into your clinical work? Contact Lois!

Delfina Piretti, MFT
Check out Delfina's artwork online at StudioDelfina!  In addition, Delfina offers a monthly EXA based consultation/supervision group called Care of the Soul of the Expressive Arts Therapist. The group meets the last Friday of each month in San Francisco. Email for more information.


Congratulations to EXA Alumni Suraya Keating and Patricia Rojas-Zambrano for your new titles as EXA Supervisors for the Contra Costa Art of Health & Healing Program. Those interns are in very good hands!

Manami Yamamoto, MA, MFTI
Join Manami and Tina Mizukami, MA MFTI for Cross Cultural Couples Group: Opening a Dialogue April 26th, May 10 and May 31st at the Living Arts Counseling Center in Emeryville. How do you understand cultural difference, stay connected, and continue to grow as individuals and together?

Jules Osborne, MA, MFTI
Jules will be offering two sessions of SPARK! Access Your Creativity: an 8 week arts & movement group beginning March 12th & 14th in Oakland (Wednesday evenings from 7-9pm and Friday mornings from 10-noon). "Stagnation hits all of us at some time in our lives. Unable to move forward, we find it affects our mood, our relationships, and our health. Sometimes talking isn't enough to overcome it, using the arts can be a powerful tool to spark our innate creativity and help us generate movement in our lives again."

Suraya Keating and Nicki Koethner
Nicki and Suraya recently hosted Power of Creativity, a telesummit featuring many cutting edge leaders in the field of expressive arts therapy. They are now offering all fifteen interviews for only $40. These are insightful discussion filled with exercises to guide you into an active state of creativity.

Suzannah Neufeld, MFT
Suzannah will be offering three workshops this spring: Making Peace With Your Body Through Yoga April 26th and again on June 28th, Yoga and Mindfulness for Mama's Mood: Healing Tools for Pre and Postpartum Depression, Anxiety, and Baby Blues on May 17th, and Yoga and Mindfulness for Stress and Anxiety on June 21st. Detailed descriptions can be found here under the Workshops/Events tab. All workshops will take place at Bernal Yoga in San Francisco. In addition, Suzannah offers Yoga Therapy and Mom & Baby/Postnatal yoga classes. 

Alexander Warnow
Alexander is excited to announce the launch of his private psychotherapy practice, XY Counseling in Berkeley, California. He specializes in working with men and boys and is now accepting referrals. Alexander has also developed Springboard Workshops for artists & creatives who want to bring community and accountability to their creative projects. "We help you complete your creative project or get better at your craft in a fun, rigorous and immensely rewarding environment!" Sessions meet every other week for three months and are offered every three months. Also check out Springboard on Yelp and on Facebook.

Mireya Alejo Marcet
Mireya offers Expressive Arts Therapy, Holotropic Breathwork, Core Astrology, Creative Meditation, and Altar Making. Visit her website for a listing of other offerings along with a schedule of breathwork sessions.

Rosy Aronson, PhD
Rosy has recently launched Designed to Blossom, an unusually fun, creative and highly personalized self-study program in Human Design. Check out her website for information about her three-month online self-study course in Human Design for "men and women who are ready to BLOOM but have been so busy tending the greater garden that their own flower is wilting."

Juztino Panella
Justino offers "festive" conversational Italian classes in San Francisco. Students connect by practicing to speak in dyads, doing role-plays, cooking a traditional dish or at times even singing an Italian song - mamma mia!

In addition, Juztino will be offering culinary and language lessons in Tuscany this summer as part of Dreaming in Tuscany, an expressive arts and dream workshop with EXA faculty Armand Volkas. 

Kasey Varga, MFT
Kasey is excited to announce that she is expanding her psychotherapy practice and offering sliding scale therapy to adults, couples, and children in San Francisco. Kasey's work focuses on romantic relationship, spiritual seeking and the parent-child relationship. 

Karina Colliat, MA, MFTI
Each month on the Sunday closest to the new moon, Karina invites you to join in slowing down and listening to the earth, to yourself in the earth, on the earth and with the earth. Ecotearth is a combination of mindfulness, ecopsychology, and expressive arts. Ecotearth happens from 3-5pm at varying locations in the Bay Area. Join her October 6th at Joaquin Miller Park in the Oakland Hills.

Karina also facilitates a support group for those living with chronic disease and pain and the people who care for them. The group is called, Riding the Waves and meets Mondays from 10-12 at Holos Institute in Oakland. "Along with the physical distress of disease can come emotional and mental challenges such as depression, anger, loneliness and grief....we will use the arts to hold the larger mystery of what it means to carry the burden of disease at this time in our society."

Tatiana Diakoff MFTI
Tatiana excited to announce her new therapy practice at the Holos Institute in Oakland, under the supervision of Jan Edl Stein, MFT. Holos offers low-fee, holistic counseling and ecopsychology education throughout the Bay Area. She is currently building her practice in the East Bay and welcoming any new client referrals.

"I hold a strong foundational understanding in the healing capacities of nature and creativity, often using expressive arts and other activities that aim to rebuild our connection to our selves and to nature."

Marlena Zahm
Marlena is proud to announce that she will be joining the artistic team at the Lyric Performing Arts Academy in Oakland, a performing arts school for kids that emphasizes discipline, passion & determination in hopes of creating "stellar competition groups". Marlena is also currently teaching twenty classes per week at Kidsndance in Oakland and Lafayette. Kidsndance is a dance and theater school for kids age 2-14 years. "Classes are highly interactive and gently structured to enhance your child's trust in his/her own creative expression."

Saskia Pouw
Come and see Saskia at the Farmer's Market, Tuesdays, 11:30 - 1:30, at the Contra Costa Regional Medical Center: 2500 Alhambra Avenue in Martinez. Saskia provides interactive expressive arts activities for staff, patients and visitors as part of her post-graduate internship with Contra Costa Health Service's Arts in Health and Healing program.

Nicki Koethner MFT
Nicki offers Red Tent each month, at Terra's Temple in Berkeley. "Be empowered through being and sharing yourself in the company of other women." Email for information.

Patricia Rojas Zambrano
Patricia has developed Art Journaling and is offering monthly workshops in San Francisco. "Open up to the possibility of creative change using images and words; add a layer of intention and reconnect, reignite and celebrate that which has meaning, passion and purpose in your life." Email for details.  Also check her out on Facebook!

Zoe Edmunds
Zoë has created a multimedia self-revelatory blog that integrates past and present experiences, as well as future plans and dreams. She writes about and publishes photographs and drawings of her "life as art", living a life built from scratch, in Southern Baja , Mexico, off the grid, with her husband and three year old son. She also writes about building her business, Art For Life, where she holds "cultivating creativity" workshops (with a mindful EXA approach) and does private creativity coaching. Take a look at her most recent Creative Journaling workshop.

Penny Roy Fellbrich, MFT
Penny offers Dating Coaching and Psychotherapy in San Francisco and Burlingame. "I help men create fulfilling relationships and meaningful lives with the women they want."

Penny has also created a blog, with my heart on duty where she showcases her personal art in the form of collage.


Amber Field
Amber offers Free Your Voice Mondays 7 to 8:30pm March 17 to May 5 at Flourish Studio, 2601 Mission St. #404 (at 22nd St.) in San Francisco. This class ranges from the sacred to the silly and has been called "pre-school for adults." It's meant for both singers and non-singers. If you want to sound, speak, and sing your truth with more confidence and power, this would be a great course for you. Check out Amber on Yelp!

Jennifer Stuckert
Jennifer will be offering Transform Your Life Script, a drama therapy group meeting in San Francisco Tuesdays, April 22nd - June 17th, 2014 from 6:30-9:30 pm. "In this group, you'll explore your personal narrative, clarify what you want to change, and make healing steps towards integrating change. We'll do it in creative and supportive ways, using such tools as improvisation, drama therapy exercises, psychodrama, mindfulness techniques, and a culminating enactment or ritual."

Adriana Marchione, MA, REAT, RSMT, CHT
Adriana is delighted to share trailer for the film, 'When the Fall Comes' which was recently completed this past winter. She partnered with filmmaker Wyatt Roy to create a film that tells a story of loss and love using her performance as a foundation for the visual aspects of the story, and interviews to highlight the narrative. 

Jana Carey
Are you feeding yourself the myth that you are "just not the creative type" or that it's too late to explore your artistic interests? Do you have resistance putting yourself "out into the world" as an artist or taking the next step in your career? Creative Spirit Unleashed and Creative Spirit Embodied are gentle, practical and playful approaches to re-awakening and persevering with your creativity through the writings and exercises of Julia Cameron's The Artist's Way. For more information about Jana Carrey's work, click HERE. CEUs available for MFT's, LCSWs and RNs!

Mihyun Lee
Mihyun recently launched her website: where she celebrates the marriage of her love for dance with her passion for psychology and self-discovery. Mihyun began training as a dance professional in South Korea in 1992 and is a truly a sight to behold. Have a look!

FOR THE JOY OF IT: Creative Arts Center
FOR THE JOY OF IT! Creative Arts Center is dedicated to the healing power of nature and the arts and offers expressive arts sessions, dream work sessions, and creative retreats in the gorgeous Mendocino Redwoods. "You will leave deeply nurtured and ready to step back into your life with fresh energy and new perspective."

Lori Krein
Lori Krein Studios in Campbell, California offers mixed media art workshops, art class, & art camp. Classes/Workshops include Meditate and Create, Body Collage, Papermaking, and Mask-Collage. "I am passionate about collage and eco-friendly art, and I love to share what I've learned with others through my Collage and Expressive Arts Workshops."

Eleanor Ruckman MFT, ATR
Check out Eleanor's monthly eARTh Circles in the East Bay. Eleanor is Director for CIIS's Clinic Without Walls, where Community Mental Health graduate students offer psychotherapy free of charge at three different San Francisco public housing sites. She also offers Eco-Art Therapy and ArtSpa!

Living Arts Counseling Center
The Living Arts Counseling Center is a specialized, nonprofit provider of community counseling services, promoting psychological and social wellness through the therapeutic use of drama and related expressive arts. Check out their website for a full listing of offerings.

Sylvia Israel, MFT
Sylvia will also be facilitating a Couple Therapy and Psychodrama workshop as part of the American Society of Group Psychotherapy and Psychodrama's Annual Conference in Oakland, California April 3-7, 2014.

Sylvia also offers a bi-weekly Psychodrama Group in San Rafael. And check out her Friday Night Tasters. "Psychodrama is an experiential method of exploring our private and public worlds in a multidimensional, creative way. It helps you safely express feelings, develop insight and practice new, desired behaviors. Psychodrama meets you where you are in the present and assists you in contacting and developing the best that is within yourself."

Center for Movement Education and Research (CMER)
CMER offers Dance/Movement Therapy Alternate Route Training Courses in Northern California. This training is a good avenue toward R-DMT for those who have passion for dance and already have or are currently studying for an LCSW, MFT, Counseling or Psychology graduate degree.