John Fox

John Fox

Adjunct Professor
Expressive Art Therapy

CIIS Main Building
6th Floor
1453 Mission Street
San Francisco, CA 94103

John Fox, BFA, adjunct faculty in Expressive Arts Therapy, a poet and certified poetry therapist, is author of Poetic Medicine: The Healing Art of Poem-Making, Finding What You Didn't Lose: Expressing Your Truth and Creativity Through Poem-Making, and numerous essays. He is a contributor to Whole Person Health Care, (Pager/Greenwood).

John is featured in the PBS documentary Healing Words: Poetry & Medicine, a film about introducing poetry into hospital settings. He works throughout the United States in therapeutic, medical, pastoral, geriatric, educational, holistic, public, and community-based settings.

He has taught in Ireland, England, Israel, Kuwait, South Korea, and Canada. John was the president of the National Association for Poetry Therapy from 2003 to 2005. John is president of the Institute for Poetic Medicine, a nonprofit he founded in 2005. John lives in Mountain View, CA.