Jack Weller

Jack S. Weller

Professor Emeritus
Expressive Art Therapy

CIIS Main Building
6th Floor
1453 Mission Street
San Francisco, CA 94103

Jack S. Weller, MA, former faculty in Expressive Arts Therapy, Rudolph Schaeffer Professor of Arts and Creativity and founding director of the Expressive Arts program at the Institute, received his BA in Psychology and MA in Philosophy from the University of California (1968), specializing in aesthetics and East-West studies.

His post graduate work at the University of California, Berkeley, and the San Francisco Zen Center focused on Buddhist art and Buddhist studies; he has also been trained in the healing, therapeutic aspects of the arts. For 10 years Jack was the founding director of the Arts and Consciousness graduate program at JFK University.

His work spans philosophy, mysticism, meditation, aesthetics, sacred and transformative arts, creativity studies, and expressive arts therapy. He is a founding cochair of IEATA.

Weller, Jack S. Touching Creativity's Deepest Source (2008) in Crossing Boundaries Explorations in Therapy and the Arts-A Festschrift for Paola Knill. S. Levine, editor. Toronto: EGS Press

Weller, Jack S. The Expressive Arts Therapy Family (1995) in Newsletter of International Expressive Arts Therapy Association. No: I, 1, 4-5