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Winter Solstice "Soul-Full" Altar Evening

December  20, 2013
6:15 pm - 9:15 pm

Expressive Arts Therapy   


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Photograph of an altar made of lit candles

Winter Solstice "Soul-Full" Altar Evening

Women have gathered during the transition of seasons for millennia to pray, heal, celebrate and to honor each other, their relations, ancestors and more. Join EXA Alum Mireya Alejo Marcet for rich evening of altar creation, circle, and intention setting for this Winter (Women only).

Altar Creation is a creative, sacred and inspiring process of meeting oneself, creating intimate connection with the psyche/soul and entering sacred space and time. Women often gain a taste of sisterhood, community and support by being witnessed in their process.

This evening can be a wonderful way of setting your intentions for the next season, as well as giving space to what is alive in your heart and life. What wants attention? What needs change or release? What are you honoring?

Visit Mireya's Website for more information and to register.

Mireya will also be offering a "Soul-Full" Breathwork workshop for women the Saturday following as well as a Sunday Integration Session. The three events can be purchased together as a package.

Center for Living Wisdom
11270 Sun Valley Drive Oakland, CA 94605


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