Janis Phelps

Janis Phelps, PhD

Associate Professor
East-West Psychology

CIIS Main Building
1453 Mission Street
San Francisco, CA 94103

Janis Phelps received her doctorate in clinical psychology from the University of Connecticut. She is the former dean of the School of Consciousness and Transformation at CIIS. Her theoretical orientation is in transpersonal and wellness therapy models; Buddhism, Eastern and indigenous disciplines; and phenomenology/existential philosophies. Her research and scholarly writing has focused on entheogens and shamanic practices, clinical studies in enhanced expectancies and treatment, and mind-body wellness.

She teaches courses in EWP on quantitative and qualitative research methods, spiritual counseling, mindfulness, research colloquium, Buddhism and psychotherapy, and principles of healing. As a licensed clinical psychologist, she is on the Board of Holos Institute and on the Clinical Committee of the Institute for Spirituality and Psychology.






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