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EWP Academic News Archive -2012

EWP core faculty Craig Chalquist, Ph.D., has just published "Tracking the City's Psyche: Terrapsychologizing in San Francisco in Volume 4, Number 3 of the journal Ecopsychology.

EWP doctoral student Sergio Rodriguez-Castillo presents his book "Camino al Reino: El Mensaje de Jesús Visto Desde La Perspectiva de La Psicoterapia," translated as "On the Path to the Kingdom: Jesus' Message Seen From the Perspective of Psychotherapy."

Does Jesus' message have something to offer to our modern society? Sergio's book is an exploration considering how the teachings of Jesus can be understood through the lens of modern psychotherapy. He revitalizes concepts such as perfection, sin, the kingdom of heaven, faith, and even Satan, arguing that modern psychotherapies (humanistic, existential, transpersonal and integral) have developed, in their own language, concepts that are compatible to Jesus' teachings.

EWP chair Jorge Ferrer's articles get translated and reprinted

Jorge's essay "What does it mean to live fully embodied spiritual life?" has been translated into Japanese and published in the Journal of Transpersonal Psychology/Psychiatry, 12 (1), 73-89. In addition, this article and "The Future of World Religion" will be reprinted in the next issue of Kosmos: A Journal for Global Awakening.

EWP doctoral student Angela ‘Mictlanxochitl' Anderson Guerrero was a part of a delegation of Mexica grandmother's from the Americas as a part of a cultural and educational exchange in the Dominican Republic August 1 through the 8th of 2012.

The host, Guabancex, organized the exchange in celebration of the Day of the Indigenous Peoples. The delegation visited several municipalities (San Juan de la Maguana, San Cristobal, Haitises) in the country where they shared teachings and lead ceremony.

The video below is a brief presentation of some of their activities in the Dominican Republic:



EWP alum and adjunct faculty Alessandra Strada, Ph.D., will be presenting two workshops at the California Hospice and Palliative Care Association conference in October

EWP chair, Jorge Ferrer, and EWP core faculty member, Craig Chaquist, will be offering presentations at the Institute for Spirituality and Psychology's (ISP) "Salons" this fall. Click here for more information.

EWP Ph.D.c. Matthew Morey publishes in Integral Review.

His article is entitled "Sri Aurobindo's Lila: The Nature of Divine Play According to Integral Advaita" Read the issue now.

EWP alum Jeremy (Caifang) Zhu publishes four times in 2012.

(2012). Ordinary Mind: Meditation-Initiated Integrative Therapy. In Thomas Plante (ed.), Religion, Spirituality and Positive Psychology: Understanding the Psychological Fruits of Faith. Santa Barbara, CA : Praeger.

To purchase this book visit: http://www.abc-clio.com/product.aspx?isbn=9780313398452 or

(2012). The Experience of Chan Meditation: A Phenomenological Study.《觉群》 Juequn Buddhist Journal. Issue 3, pp. 19-22. In Chinese.

(2012 ). On Developing Buddhist Psychological Counseling in Mainland China. In HUANG Xia-nian (Ed.), Studies of Shenghuo Chan (Everyday Chan) Vol. 2: Proceedings of the Second Huang Mei Summit of Chan Buddhism and Culture. Pp. 378-392. Zhengzhou, Henan, China: Zhongzhou Guji Chubanshe. In Chinese.

(2012).The Effect of Salat (Prayer) and Physical Exercise on the Cognitive Function of Older Adults of Hui Muslim. Social Behavior and Personality (SSCI journal) June,2012. In English. (third author).

EWP alum Bahman A.K. Shirazi, Ph.D., is named guest editor of a special issue of Integral Review.

Bahman also published an article in the same issue entitled "Rethinking the Future of World Religion: An Interview With Jorge N. Ferrer," the chair of the EWP department. Read the issue now

EWP Ph.D. student Jason K. Norris of Lucid Drum hosts a Hand Drummers Retreat weekend at EarthRise Center at the Institute of Noetic Sciences in Petaluma, CA September 14-16, 2012.

EWP Ph.D. student Angela Anderson Guerrero to present at AAR in November 2012.

Entitled "Mysticism within the Tradition of the Mexicayotl," the presentation will introduce the ‘healing agent' as a mystical approach as an effort to honor the awareness of manifesting the beginning, middle, and end of the sacred breath and vibrations of life.

EWP core faculty Craig Chalquist presents "Dreams as Environmental Beckonings," a look at how nature, place, and Earth address us in nightly visitations.

Here is a link to the conference website: http://asdreams.org/2012/.

EWP Ph.D. student Thomas Lucking to present at the Technology, Knowledge, and Society conference in Vancouver January 2013

Thomas' presentation is entitled "Technology and Intuitve Knowing: The Forgotten Domain." To read the complete abstract: http://t13.cgpublisher.com/proposals/75 To register: http://techandsoc.com/conference-2013/register/

EWP Ph.D. c Yalilia Espinoza co-leads a workshop with ICP alum Maria Gutierrez entitled "Women's Initiation: with the Wisdom of the Ancestors We Create a Sacred Future."

EWP Ph.D. student Monica Mody had her essay "Love as the Force of the Revolution: The Occupy Movement and Beyond" published in OCCUPY CONSCIOUSNESS: Essays on the Global Insurrection, an anthology from the Evolver Social Movement.

The e-book is now available to download free at http://www.realitysandwich.com/occupy_consciousness_book.

EWP alum Tati Alberto, M.A., offers a course in Ancestral Healing and Expressive Arts.

"Narratives of Liberation" serves to reconnect one with their anscestral heritage in order to connect more deeply and authentically with one's purpose in this life time. Through story-telling, personal mythology, expressive arts, and cultural healing, this series of workshops offers students a unique and empowering experience.

EWP chair Jorge Ferrer is interviewed by the UNESCO Association for Interreligious Dialogue.

The last issue of the journal Dialogal: Quaderns de l'Associació UNESCO per al Diàleg Interreligiós (Primavera, 2012), features an interview with Jorge Ferrer, with the title "What matters is not so much to exchange practices, but to co-create them--An Interview with Jorge N. Ferrer." The interview was catalyzed by the Spanish translation of Ferrer & Sherman's The Participatory Turn.

New book review of Jorge Ferrer & Jacob Sherman's The Participatory Turn.

Bruce Alderman has written a thorough review of Ferrer & Sherman's The Participatory Turn in the latest issue of Journal of Integral Theory and Practice, 7(2), 2012. The issue also includes a longer essay by Alderman discussing the works of Ferrer and Wilber in the context of integral religious studies.

EWP alum Stuart Stovatsky, Ph.D., publishes in Perspective.

His article is entitled "Ram Dass Has a Son !" "...he began to see..."

EWP Chair Jorge Ferrer and EWP Students to Present at Conference.

EWP doctoral candidate Zayin Cabot will present, "Evolution and the Poetics of Indigenous Participation: African and American Indian Modes of Participation"; and EWP doctoral student Samuel Malkemus will present, "The Clash of Instinct and Culture: Eros, Phobos and the Roots of Morality."

Ph.D. student Clara Lindstrom presents at the Cosmology of Love Conference in April 2012.

Her talk was called "Love of Wild Places: The Birthing of a New Consciousness." Watch her presentation:


EWP core faculty Craig Chalquist presents keynote speech.

Along side Angeles Arrien, Craig Chalquist presents a keynote speech at the Holos Institute Conference in Applied Ecopsychology! The conference is titled "Re-visioning a Psychology that Embraces the Earth." in April 2012.

EWP Ph.D. student Jason K. Norris facilitates workshop.

Jason Kelly Norris, M.A., will be co-facilitating a workshop titled "Dream Sounding and Movement," at the International Association for the Study of Dreams (IASD) Annual Conference to be held in Berkeley June 22 - June 26, 2012.

EWP alum Maty Leiblich, M.A., lauches journal devoted to East-West Psychology in Israel.

The Journal of East-West Psychology was initiated to create a space for practitioners and thinkers to share thoughts and reflections about the question of integration. Please visit www.east-west-psych.co.il to view the journal online. An English edition is in the works.

The inaugral edition was published in May 2012. EWP students and alums who contributed were:

Ido Siemion Ph.D.c - Developments in the perception of the Self: From a closed system to a Social and Ecological Reality.

Monica Mody - Double Vision: Revisiting the Container of the East-West Encounter.

Jorge Ferrer Ph.D. - (A translated reprint of an article First published in JTP) Participatory Spirituality and Transpersonal Theory: A Ten-Year Retrospective.

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EWP Ph.D. student Larry Norris initiates student organization: Entheogenic Research, Integration and Education (ERIE) and its first annual conference.

ERIE's mission is to provide a safe container for three areas of the entheogenic dialogue: 1) discussing contemporary research and scholarship involving sacred medicine 2) opening a space to share and integrate experiences and 3) envisioning a deep educational paradigm including plant teachers, from a Western context.

EWP alum and adjunct faculty Alessandra Strada, Ph.D., has much to celebrate

1. She recently delivered a webinar for the California Hospice and Palliative Care Association titled: "Grief, Depression, and Demoralization in Hospice Patients: Diagnostic Challenges and Treatment Modalities".

2. Her second upcoming book "The Helping Professional's Guide to End of Life Care: Practical Tools for Emotional, Social, and Spiritual Support for the Dying", Published by New Harbinger, can be preordered online.

3. She was invited to give the following talks at APA Conference next August:
How to become a prescribing psychologist Interprofessional palliative care for the geriatric population Grief, demoralization, and depression in patients with advance illness.

EWP chair Jorge Ferrer publishes in Transpersonal Psychology Review and becomes member of its Editorial Board.

The upcoming issue of Transpersonal Psychology Review (Spring 2012), published by The British Psychological Society in the UK, features an exchange between John Rowan and Jorge Ferrer on their previous articles published in the same journal. In the Editorial, the editor Michael Daniels welcomes Ferrer as new member of the journal's Editorial Board.

Ph.D. student Samuel Malkemus will present "The Clash of Instinct and Culture: Diderot, Nietzsche, Freud and Evolutionary Ethics" at the Mid-Winter meeting for the Society of Theoretical and Philosophical Psychology, APA Division 24 in Dallas, TX on March 1st.

Sam's paper explores the tension between human instinctual nature and civilization as it evolves through the thought of Diderot, Nietzsche and Freud. It involves three primary aims: (1) To reveal the historical background from which Freud's vision of psychic conflict emerged, (2) to present a philosophical critique of such a conflictual stalemate, and (3) to ground Freud's theory of instinct in contemporary evolutionary biology. It is proposed that the evolutionary ethics presented by the philosopher Maxine Sheets-Johnstone may serve as a textual basis for re-envisioning a depth psychological theory of the instincts that is informed by current scientific research.

EWP alum and adjunct professor Alessandra Strada, Ph.D., along with her co authors Peter Homel, Ph.D., Sharon Tennstedt, Ph.D., J. Andrew Billings, MD., Russell K. Portenoy, MD., will publish in the journal Palliative and Supportive Care.

The title of the paper is: "Spiritual Well-Being in Patients with Heart and Lung Disease" and reports a study of 206 patients with advanced congestive heart failure and advanced lung disease recruited from a hospital in New York and a hospital is Boston. These patients were interviewed at several points over a 30 months period to explore their level of spiritual well-being, how it helped them cope with their illness, and how it changed overtime as their illness continued to advance.

EWP Ph.D.c Judson Davis publishes his article "Jung at the Foot of Mt. Kailash: A Transpersonal Synthesis of Depth Psychology, Tibetan Tantra, and the Sacred Mythic Imagery of East and West" in the most recent edition of The Journal of Transpersonal Studies (www.transpersonalstudies.org, in the special section on ecopsychology).

EWP Ph.D. student Clara Lindstrom publishes along side Rick Tarnas, Stan Grof, and Sean Kelly in Archai: The Journal of Archetypal Cosmology.

The title of Clara's article is "Richard Feynman: An Archetypal Analysis of No Ordinary Genius."

In the article Clara uses the lens of archetypal astrology to explore the life and personality of a long time hero of hers, eminent Nobel Prize-winning physicist Richard Feynman. In the words of the journal's editor, Keiron Le Grice, "one implication of Lindstrom's analysis is that archetypal astrology, even when applied within a predominantly secular and scientific context, can illuminate the major patterns and themes of an individual's life, providing a basis for a more deeply meaningful and potentially enchanted relationship with the cosmos."

EWP Ph.D. student Monica Mody will publish her essay "Double Vision: Revisiting the Container of the East-West Encounter" in Maty Lieblich's, M.A., forthcoming journal devoted East-West Psychology

Of her article, Monica writes "A pure space of East-West encounter is not conceivable today, since successive encounters have already transformed both the East and the West into hyphenated or hybrid spatialities. Creating a more holistic and authentic personal spiritual culture requires that I make conscious all the narratives, traditions, and beliefs, that form part my experience."

EWP Ph.D. students appointed fellowships at the new Center for Writing and Scholarship at CIIS.

EWP Ph.D. students Alena Coons, Ebede Ndi, Glennery Besson, and Heidi Fraser, as well as EWP Ph.D.c Stephen Julich, have been awarded fellowships at the new Center for Writing and Scholarship (CWS). CWS is committed to supporting the academic and professional development of its tutoring staff through the CWS Fellows Program, a year-long program designed to prepare the next generation of college instructors to work with students on academic writing. The CWS Fellows Program provides participants with a comprehensive, year-long program of weekly pedagogical training, personal and professional development, and compensated work as a writing tutor and writing instructor in multiple contexts within the CIIS community.

EWP Alums Hannah Romanowsky and Bahman Shirazi to present at conference

Hannah Romanowsky M.A. and Bahman Shirazi Ph.D. will present at a spirituality and psychology conference: Spirituality: Promises and Pitfalls. The conference will be at Menlo College, CA in February 2012.

Hannah Romanowsky will be facilitating a guedra workshop titled: Dance as a Psycho-Spiritual Practice in the Muslim World.

Bahman Shirazi's workshop is titled Metaphysical Instincts & Spiritual Bypassing.

EWP alum and adjunct professor Alessandra Strada awarded the highest certification in death and dying.

Alessandra Strada Ph.D. has been awarded the title of Fellow in Thanatology by the Association for Death Education and Counseling, which is the highest certification in death and dying.

EWP alum Jeremy (Caifang) Zhu has two scholarly successes.

Jeremy (Caifang) Zhu Ph.D. has published an article in Asian Philosophy and presented on a panel at the APA convention held in August 2011. Please find the details of his achievements below.

Zhu, Caifang. (2011). The Hermeneutics of Chan Buddhism: Reading Koans from the Blue Cliff Record. Asian Philosophy (UK), 21: 4, 373-393 This link has the abstract and related info http://www.tandfonline.com/doi/pdf/10.1080/09552367.2011.635892

Meditation Initiated Integrative Therapy . A panel presentation given by Jeremy Zhu with Division 32 at the annual convention of APA in Washington D.C. on August 6.

EWP chair Jorge Ferrer's "Participatory Turn" translated into spanish.

The Spanish edition of Jorge Ferrer's and Jacob Sherman's anthology, The Participatory Turn: Spirituality, Mysticism, Religious Studies (SUNY Press, 2008), has been published in Spain under the title El Giro Participativo: Espiritualidad, Misticismo y el Estudio de las Religiones (Barcelona: Kairos, 2011). The publishing house is organizing a book signing event and newspapers interviews with Ferrer during his upcoming visit to Barcelona.

EWP chair Jorge Ferrer publishes book chapter on the teaching of mysticism.

An upcoming anthology on the teaching of mysticism edited by Professor W. Parsons (Teaching Mysticism. American Academy of Religion Series, Oxford University Press) features a chapter by Jorge Ferrer, "Teaching the Graduate Seminar in Comparative Mysticism: A Participatory Integral Approach." The chapter is based on Ferrer's 10-year pedagogical experimentation on his EWP doctoral seminar on "Comparative Mysticism."

EWP alum Martina Dannecker teaches two courses at CIIS.

Martina Dannecker (Ph.D., 2005) will be teaching two courses at CIIS during the spring 2012 semester: "The Experience of the Feminine through Philosophical Inquiry and Emotion" in the Philosophy, Cosmology and Consciousness Department, and "Living Emotional Intelligence From the Heart" in the Asian and Comparative Studies Department.

EWP chair Jorge Ferrer publishes essay on the future of religion.

The first issue of the newly launched magazine Tikkun: Culture, Spirituality, Politics (now published by Duke University Press) will feature an essay by Jorge Ferrer, "The Future of World Religion: Four Scenarios, One Dream."

EWP doctoral student Jason K. Norris publishes through the Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS).

"The Power of Sound to Heal" is the featured article of IONS Fall/Winter 2011 membership bulletin, The Noetic Post. Jason also wrote for Noetic Now, IONS' online journal--that article is titled "Sounds of Transformation: Vedic Breath, Orisha Heart."

EWP professor Greg Bogart recieves fantastic review of his book Dreamwork and Self-Healing: Unfolding the Symbols of the Unconscious.

The review was published in Journal of Transpersonal Psychology, 2011, Vol. 43, No. 1, pp. 112-115, Reviewed by Professor Jenny Wade from the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology.