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EWP Academic News Archive - 2010

EWP M.A. graduate David M. Zeitler publishes book on Integral Psychotherapy

David Zeitler (M.A., 2000) recently coauthored (with R. Elliott Ingersoll) the book Integral Psychotherapy: Inside Out/Outside In (SUNY Press). The authors use Ken Wilber's Integral Model to guide readers through a startling new view of psychotherapy as a spiritual journey of self-discovery. David is an assistant professor who teaches in the Integral Theory Program and Integral Psychology Program at JFK University. More information about the book can be found on the website: http://www.sunypress.edu/p-5068-integral-psychotherapy.aspx

EWP students, alums, and faculty publish

The current issue of the journal Somatics (2010) features an article by EWP Ph.D. candidate David Treleaven "Meditation, Trauma, and Contemplative Dissociation." EWP graduate Charles Flores (Ph.D., 2009) published his essay "Appropriation in Integral Theory: The Case of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother's 'Untold' Integral View," in Sean Esbjörn-Hargens's edited anthology, Integral Theory in Action: Applied, Theoretical, and Constructive Perspectives on the AQAL Model (SUNY Press, 2010). Likewise, another essay by EWP chair Jorge Ferrer and EWP adjunct faculty Marina T. Romero, "Integral Transformative Education: A Participatory Proposal," has been reprinted in the anthology Integral Education: New Directions for Higher Learning (SUNY Press, 2010), edited by Sean Esbjörn-Hargens, Jonathan Reams, and Olen Gunnlaugson.

EWP students and alums publish in the journal ReVision

EWP students and graduates have recently published articles and book reviews in the journal ReVsion: The Journal of Consciousness and Transformation. EWP graduate Astrid Berg (Ph.D., 1998) published "Embodiment: Creative Imagination in Medicine, Art and Travel" (Winter 2010, Vol. 31 Issue 1, pp. 53-55), a review of the book with the same title by Robert Bosnak; and EWP graduate (M.A., 2007) and doctoral student Zayin Neumann published the article "Atemporal Creativity: Evolution Beyond Lines and Spirals (Spring 2010, Vol. 32 Issue 1, pp. 13-21). To read these articles, please go to http://library.ciis.edu and select the link for CIIS Journals.

EWP alum Rochelle Suri (Ph.D., 2010) accepts teaching appointments in the Bay Area

Rochelle is currently teaching a 2 unit class on Cross-Cultural Counseling in the Community Mental Health program at CIIS. In addition, she will be teaching a class on Mental Health and Aging at UC Berkeley Extension in the Spring.

EWP core faculty Brendan Collins presents on Thomas Merton

"The Years of Hope for Monastic Renewal: Thomas Merton's Contributions to Monastic Studies, 1962-1967," by Brendan Collins, was selected for presentation at The Twelfth General Meeting and Conference of The International Thomas Merton Society, Loyola University, Chicago, Illinois June 9-12, 2011. Thomas Merton was a pioneer not only of the East-West dialog (along with Haridas Chaudhuri and Bede Griffiths, two people Collins knew and worked with) but of dialog among Jews, Moslems and Christians.

EWP alum Glenn Hartelius (Ph.D., 2009) appointed core faculty position at Sofia University (formerly Institute of Transpersonal Psychology)

Glenn Hartelius has been offered a full-time core faculty position as Assistant Professor in the Residential Ph.D. Program in Transpersonal Psychology at Sofia University (formerly known as the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology (ITP), Palo Alto. In addition to supervising dissertation work, he will be teaching courses such as Transpersonal and Spiritual Psychology, Somatic Psychology, History and Systems of Psychology, Transpersonal Psychology Praxis, Doctoral Retreat in Transpersonal Scholarship, Research Specialization, Meditation, and Human Sexuality.

EWP alum Rochelle Suri (Ph.D., 2010) publishes

In 2009 Rochelle Suri authored two articles on spiritual counseling and psychotherapy for The Therapist and The San Francisco Psychologist, as well as a chapter on "Auditory Hallucinations in Schizophrenia" for K. White's edited anthology, Configuring Madness (Oxford: Priory House). In 2010, she published two articles, "Working with the Elderly: An Existential-Humanistic Approach" in Journal of Humanistic Psychology, and "Hearing Voices: What Can We Learn from Them?" in the journal Psychosis.

EWP alum Charles Flores (Ph.D., 2009) receives conference award/publishes SUNY Press chapter

Charles Flores was the recipient of the award for "Best Constructive Criticism of Integral Theory," at the 1st Integral Theory Conference. The same essay, entitled "Appropriation in Integral Theory: The Case of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother's "Untold" Integral View," will be published in the anthology, Integral Theory in Action (SUNY Press), edited by Sean Esbjörn-Hargens.

EWP Ph.D. alums become assistant managing editors of peer-reviewed transpersonal journal

The recent doctoral graduates Rochelle Suri and Charles Flores became assistant managing editors with the International Journal of Transpersonal Studies (see www.transpersonalstudies.org).Their tasks center around managing submissions-doing an initial review of a submission, returning it to the author for revision prior to review if needed, sending the paper to reviewers, staying in touch with reviewers to get the reviews completed, preparing summary reviews, returning these to the authors, and checking author resubmissions for responsiveness to reviews. Main editor and EWP graduate Glenn Hartelius, Ph.D., says, "There are no other EWP students on staff-though I could use a couple more!"

EWP Ph.D.c Maria Stella presents at Comparative Philosophy Conference

Maria Stella will present at the upcoming 2010 Society for Asian and Comparative Philosophy Annual Conference, June 18-21, at the Asilomar Conference Grounds, Pacific Grove, CA. Her presentation, "Working with Emotions: A Comparative Study of Shambhala Buddhism and Jungian Psychology," draws from her ongoing doctoral research on the topic, which examines ways in which working with emotions becomes a stepping stone to transformation and highlights the understanding of the place of afflictive emotions in the spiritual path.

EWP student and alum/adjunct faculty present at MAPS Conference

EWP doctoral student Yalila Espinoza presents "Erotic Healing Experiences with Ayahausca," and EWP alum and adjunct faculty member Susana Bustos presents "Icaros: Song and Healing in Ayahausca Ceremonies," at the recent MAPS 2010 Conference - Psychedelic Science in the 21st Century, San Jose, April 15-18. http://www.maps.org.

EWP adjunct faculty Greg Bogart publishes new book on dreamwork

New adjunct faculty Greg Bogart, who will be teaching Transpersonal Psychology next fall 2010, just published a new book, Dreamwork and Self-Healing: Unfolding the Symbols of the Unconscious (London: Karnac Books). For more information, go to: http://www.karnacbooks.com/Product.asp?PID=26653.

American Academy of Religion (AAR) Panel on Jorge Ferrer's The Participatory Turn

Presided by Prof. Jeffrey J. Kripal and moderated by Ann Gleig (Rice University), the upcoming 2010 Annual Meeting (Oct 30-Nov 1, Atlanta, GA) of the American Academy of Religion will feature a panel on Jorge Ferrer and Jacob Sherman's book, The Participatory Turn, with the title of "The Participatory Turn: Studying Religion Beyond the Philosophies of Consciousness and Constructivism." The other panelists will be Prof. Lee Irwin (College of Charleston), Prof. Beverly Lanzetta (University of Arizona) and Prof. William G. Barnard (Sothern Methodist University).

EWP alum and adjunct faculty Alessandra Strada, Ph.D., signs book contract with Oxford

Alessandra signed a contract with Oxford University Press to write a book titled Grief and Bereavement in Palliative and End of Life Care. She also just contributed three chapters to a new book on end of life care from Wiley, and will offer two invited talks at the 12th World Congress in Psycho-Oncology in Quebec in May. Alessandra will also present at the American Psychological Association (APA) in August, at the Pain Week Conference in Las Vegas in September, at a major palliative care conference in New York in October, and at the California Hospice Foundation Conference in November. Alessandra will be teaching an EWP course this summer, "The Psychology of Death and Dying: An East-West Exploration." Don't miss the opportunity!

EWP Ph.D. candidate Diane Martin presents at Death Education National Conference

The national Association for Death Education and Counseling (ADEC) invited doctoral candidate Diane Martin to participate in a poster presentation and discussion of her research at their 32nd Annual Conference, Dying, Death and Bereavement: It's all About the Stories, April 9, Kansas, Missouri. Diane's presentation is titled "Myth and Mourning: A Healing Journey to the Archetypal Mother," and presents an alternative theory of loss and bereavement that synthesizes analytic psychology and current models of grief, as well as proposes expressive arts ad narrative therapy for creating and restoring a "self-narrative" of meaning in loss. In addition, Diane recently earned certification from ADEC as a professional educator and counselor: CT, Certified in Thanatology: Death, Dying and Bereavement. She is temporarily working with KARA grief support and education in Palo Alto supporting their youth service program.

EWP students, alums, and faculty present at Symposium on Integral Consciousness

A number of our community members will be presenting at the upcoming Symposium on Integral Consciousness (Friday, April 9th) at Namaste Hall (CIIS Mission Building, Fourth Floor). EWP core faculty Brendan Collins will be joining EWP M.A. alum Elisabeth Husserl and EWP doctoral students Helge Osterhold and Marta Grau in a panel on "Tranformative Inquiry: An Integral Approach." EWP Ph.D. graduates Glenn Hartelius, Kundan Singh, and Charles Flores will be offering individual presentations on Integral Neurobiology (Glenn), Transformation in Integral Psychology (Kundan), and Integral Activism (Charles).

EWP alums and students present at National Anthropology Conference

Several EWP alums and students will be involved in the 30th Annual Conference of the Society of the Anthropology of Consciousness on the theme "Curing Minds; Consciousness and Healing." Tina R. Fields (Ph.D., 2001) will be presenting on teaching eco-literacy in urban settings; Tim Lavalli (Ph.D., 1999) will present on his recent work ghost-writing for a nationally known and seriously mentally ill poker player; and Rochelle Suri (Ph.D. candidate) will present on her work on death as a teacher among the Aghori in India. This interdisciplinary forum will feature 43 presentations including leading-edge research and first-hand accounts of healing as it intersects with culture and consciousness. Location: UC Berkeley Faculty Club, March 17-21, 2010. For details on the schedule and to register go to http://www.sacaaa.org.

EWP doctoral student Ido Siemion teaches transpersonal psychology in Israel

While completing his dissertation, Ido is teaching this semester a course in Transpersonal Psychology at the Reidman College for complementary medicine (Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, Israel). Ido's doctoral work integrates Buddhist and Jungian conceptualizations of emptiness and self, as well as explores the practical implications of such integration for the practice of psychotherapy.

EWP core faculty Daniel Deslauriers is invited as the guest speaker at a dreams conference

The International Association for the Study of Dreams has invited Daniel to be the guest speaker at its Quebec Regional Conference (Montreal, April 10). Daniel's presentation considers that the study of dreams reveals that some of them have an important impact on our life. Such dreams give the dreamer an opportunity to attempt new experiences which then need to be integrated. Relying on recent scientific discoveries, as well as the direct experience of dreamers, Daniel will attempt to answer the following question: "How should we understand the role of dreams in a person's growth and development?"

EWP students will present at the International Transpersonal Conference (ITA)

The following EWP students had proposals accepted by the ITA Organizing Committee to present at the upcoming ITA Conference in Moscow, Russia (June 2010): Zayin Neumann , Rochelle Suri, Jeremy Zhu, and Marta Grau [Seventeenth International Transpersonal Conference: Consciousness Revolution: Transpersonal Discoveries that Are Changing the World, Moscow, June 23 - 27, 2010]. These proposals were ranked as the top four by the ITA Organizing Committee and, therefore, will be awarded with a EWP Scholarship to support the cost of air fare, conference fee, and accommodation. The ITA committee also accepted the proposals of EWP students Judson Davis and Michael Anderson.

EWP alum Glenn Hartelius (Ph.D., 2009) becomes the main editor of the International Journal of Transpersonal Studies (IJTS)

The International Journal of Transpersonal Studies (IJTS) is the second longest running transpersonal journal and is dedicated to the advancement of theory, research, practice, and discourse in the area of transpersonal studies. IJTS publishes original theoretical, analytic, methodological, empirical (both qualitative and quantitative), practice-oriented, and artistic articles that focus upon topics falling within the domain of transpersonal studies.

Glenn has taught graduate courses in transpersonal psychology at the California Institute of Integral Studies and Naropa University in Boulder, Colorado. He currently holds a full-time teaching/administrative position as Post-Doctoral Fellow at the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology, Palo Alto, and is the Secretary of the recently-revived International Transpersonal Association. His research has been published in The Journal of Transpersonal Psychology, The Humanist Psychologist, and the Journal of Consciousness Studies. His doctoral work emphasized transpersonal psychology, somatic psychology, consciousness studies, and phenomenology.

EWP graduate Elisabeth Husserl publishes article on Inner Economics

Since gaining her M.A. degree in EWP, Elisabeth has been developing Inner Economics, a body of work that helps individuals and groups create healthier relationships to money. Her work was recently featured in the German magazine Wirtshaft Analyse (published in English) in the article, "Inner Economics: Inner Work, Outer Rewards." Elisabeth writes: "Not many people regard economics a potential arena for self-reflection and personal growth, nor is it seen as a place where science and spirit can meet. In my experience, economics can do both." For more about Inner Economics, go to http://www.innereconomics.com

EWP graduate and adjunct faculty Judith Kinst accepts core faculty position at The Institute of Buddhist Studies

Judith recently accepted a half-time core faculty position at The Institute of Buddhist Studies (IBS), an affiliate school of the prestigious Graduate Theological Union. The Institute was founded in 1945 as a seminary for the Jodo Shin tradition and expanded to include multiple Buddhist traditions. Judith teaches classes in Zen Buddhism/Zen Buddhist Meditation, Buddhist Pastoral Care and Counseling, and plans to offer a class integrating traditional Buddhist Psychology with contemporary Western Psychology. She is also developing a M.A./M.Div. program for Buddhist Chaplains and IBS's connections with Buddhist chaplaincy training programs in the Bay Area and in New York, as well as certificate program in Buddhism and Psychology. Judith hopes that her new commitments will allow her to continue teaching for EWP. She writes: "My study and teaching in EWP are an essential part of what allowed me to have this wonderful opportunity at IBS."

EWP chair Jorge Ferrer publishes two articles

Jorge recently published the article, "The Participatory Turn: The Plurality of Religions and the Spirit of Pluralism," in Network Review: Journal of the Scientific and Medical Network (UK). In another essay, "The Plurality of Religions and the Spirit of Pluralism: A Participatory Vision of the Future of Religion," he articulates his position on the future of religion. The article was published in the International Journal of Transpersonal Studies.

Ritsumekian University publishes anthology on Jorge Ferrer's integral pedagogy

Jorge's participatory integral pedagogy is the focus of Transformative Inquiry: An Integral Approach (Kyoto, Japan: Institute of Human Sciences, 2010), an anthology of writings coedited by Prof. Yoshiharu Nakagawa and Yoshiko Matsuda based on Ferrer's recent visit to Ritsumekian University, Kyoto. The anthology includes the Japanese translation of Jorge's essay, "Integral Transformative Practice: A Participatory Perspective" (Journal of Transpersonal Psychology, 2003), the translation of Helge Osterhold (EWP Ph.D. candidate), Elisabeth Husserl (EWP M.A. graduate) and David Nicol's (Philosophy Cosmology and Cconsciousness Ph.D. candidate) article, "Rekindling the Fire of Transformative Education: A Participatory Case Study" (Journal of Transformative Education, 2007), and six essays written by Japanese students who attended Jorge's course at Ritsumekian University last summer 2009. A Japanese translation of Jorge's essay, "Integral Transformative Education: A Participatory Perspective" (Journal of Transformative Education, 2005), will appear later this year in The Journal of Holistic Education.