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EWP Academic News

EWP Academic News

Conference Presentations

20th Anniversary of "Towards a Science of Conciousness" EWP adjunct Faculty member Francoise Bourzat leads a pre-conference workshop at the Science and Consciousness Conference in Tucson, AZ in April 2014.

American Academy of Religion, Western Region Jin Keon Moon, Ph.D., 2012, presents "The Christian Influence on the Buddhist Society in Colonial Asia"

7th annual conference of The Society for Humanistic Psychology Samuel Malkemus, Ph.D., 2013, presents "Embodied Dignity: Holistic Transformation and Social Change"

This seminar investigates the extent to which human dignity--a fundamental honor and respect for life, both one's own and the life of all-is fortified by the cultivation of embodied awareness. It is suggested that when dignity is embodied and rooted in the instinctual core of human life that it becomes a potent force of social and cultural change. Drawing on contemporary research in humanistic, transpersonal, and somatic psychology this seminar explores the relationship between embodied awareness and the flourishing of human nature by grounding the inquiry within the psycho-spiritual praxis of Holistic Transformation. To this end an overview of Holistic Transformation will be presented and a brief meditative exercise on embodied dignity will be engaged.

34th annual Conference for the Society of the Anthropology of Consciousness Adjunct faculty members Samuel Malkemus, Ph.D., 2013, and Marina Romero present "The Transformational Power of Embodying Consciousness." In this presentation and workshop Marina and Sam explore the radical transformative potential of embodied awareness as a catalyst for personal and collective transformation. Consciousness is naturally an embodied phenomenon, as it appears to emerge principally through the organismic intelligence of bodily life. Yet over the course of cultural evolution, human beings, in developing their reflexive capacity for self-awareness, have become largely alienated from the innate wisdom of their embodiment. In this way, the Western world, and through its globalizing and technologizing encroachment across the planet - the entire human species - is becoming increasingly disembodied. In this seminar Sam and Marina present an overview of the relationship between consciousness, disembodiment, and embodiment. Their presentation is grounded experientially by engaging the somatic psychospiritual healing method of Holistic Transformation. Developed in Spain over the past thirty years, this method will allow human beings to explore the reality of embodiment by utilizing interactive embodied meditations, which are designed to root the light of consciousness within the living wisdom of bodily life. In this way, Marina and Sam offer a theoretical and experiential perspective that draws on their research into the transformational effects of awakening bodily consciousness. To conclude the seminar, a period of discussion is opened to reflect upon relevant insights that emerged during throughout the seminar.

Yoga and Psyche Conference Stever Dallman, Ph.D., 2013, presents "Practice on the Front Lines: A Blossoming of Yoga and Clinical Psychology In a Community Mental Health Setting." The purpose of this project is to document and explore the gradual emergence of yoga based therapeutic programs and interventions from within a grassroots community mental health organization. Utilizing a narrative approach, this qualitative inquiry relates the history, current application, and imagined future of yoga in the counseling clinic of the Liberation Institute in San Francisco, California. What does the story of yoga and psychology as experienced in a non profit therapeutic environment indicate about yoga and the future of psychology? This paper includes case material, clinical comments, and phenomenological perspectives. In order to interface this data with some of the vast range of yogic science, the framework of Patanjali's eight limbs of yoga is utilized.

Journal Publications

International Journal of Transpersonal Studies - EWP adjunct faculty members Samuel Malkemus (EWP Ph.D., 2013) and Marina Romero publish "Sexuality as a Transformational Path: Exploring the Holistic Dimensions of Human Vitality." This article explores a holistic vision of human sexuality by contrasting it to the prevailing trend of "cognicentrism" in sexological studies. To this end the authors propose that a novel understanding of sexuality as a creative force of life energy can greatly enhance such cognicentric approaches. Such a proposal rests on a holistic approach to human nature that has been developed over many years of educational and clinical application. Within this holistic vision, the role of a human multidimensional cognition that is somatically rooted in bodily nature assists the articulation of sexuality as a transformational life path of embodied spirituality, healing, and growth.

Journal of Holistic Psychology - EWP chair, Craig Chalquist, and core faculty member Jorge Ferrer, contribute to the second volume of the Journal of Holistic Psychology, and were featured speakers at the recent launch party held at Pegasus Books in Berkeley, CA.

Elephant Journal - Claire Polansky, EWP Ph.D. student, was featured in Elephant Journal for her a spiritual-psychology oriented response to domestic violence.

Philosophy East and WestDavid Odorisio, EWP Ph.D.c, "Patanjali's Yoga Sutras and the Alchemical Process of Individuation." (forthcoming)

Journal of Humanistic PsychologySamuel Malkemus, Ph.D., 2013, publishes "Reclaiming Instinct: Exploring the Phylogenetic Unfolding of Animate Being"

Journal of Sexual Relationship and Therapy Yalila Espinoza, Ph.D., 2012, publishes ""Sexual Healing with Amazonian Plant Teachers: A heuristic inquiry of women's spiritual-erotic awakenings"

Other Publications

Participation and Spirit: Transpersonal Essays on Psychology, Education, and Religion A compilation of essays written by EWP core faculty member Jorge Ferrer in this last decade. He also received an advanced publication contract from SUNY (State University of New York) for the book!

"Asian Americans and Internalized Oppression: Do We Deserve This?" a chapter co-authored by James Millan, M.A., 2009, with Alvin Alvarez, for the forthcoming Internalized Oppression: The Psychology of Marginalized Groups by E.J.R. David.

Workshops and Course Offerings

"A Living Workshop: Finding Clarity and Courage" - Anna Swisher, M.A., 2012

"The Magic of Music: Awakening Potentials Through Music" - Joseh Garcia, Ph.D., 2010

"The Siren's Rapturous Song: Shamanism and the Healing of Addiction" - Susana Bustos, Ph.D., and current adjunct faculty member

"Sacred Seed Summit: New Years, New Moon, Give Your Intentions Wings!" - Anna Swisher, M.A., 2012 & Sylvia Hartowitz, Ph.D. student

"Applying the Principles of Non-Dual Reality to Your Life" - Payton Tonz, Ph.D., 2013

"Engaging the Spirit of Place" - Annabelle Berrios, M.A., 2012

"Spiritual Erotic Awakening Circle" - Yalila Espinoza, Ph.D., 2012

Other EWP News!

Anna Swisher, EWP M.A., 2013, founder of EarthBody Yoga 

Jorge Ferrer, EWP core faculty member, was recently interviewed for the Italian magazine Oltre Confine: Quaderni di spiritualita, arte e letteratura

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