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Theatre for Change

Theatre for Change

Theatre for Change is a project of the CIIS Drama Therapy Program. The aim of the project is to educate and raise consciousness about diversity at CIIS (and beyond); to give voice and representation to people of color and LGBTQ people; to invite dialogue at CIIS about oppression, privilege, equality, and alliance; and to encourage our audiences to fight injustice on personal, institutional, and societal levels.

The project began in 2003. In Transit: Braking at the Intersections is the project's 6th original production. Recently, In Transit was performed at the North American Drama Therapy Association conference (NADTA) and at CIIS. Two past theatre pieces, Scene/Unseen, and Acts of Resilience, were also performed at NADTA conferences. Edited DVDs of these Theatre for Change shows are available for purchase.

View a 9 minute video of excerpts from In Transit here: https://vimeo.com/61300297

Theatre for Change has been chosen by the Board of the North American Drama Therapy Association as the 2012 recipient of the Raymond Jacobs Memorial Diversity Award. The Board wrote, "This award is given in recognition of outstanding dedication to diversity in the field of drama therapy, through advocacy, championing a diverse membership, or working to increase skill, awareness and cultural competence. Congratulations on this well-deserved honor, and thank you for the wonderful work that Theatre for Change is doing to build connection and social justice in communities."

Theatre for Change performance pieces grow out of improvisation; methods of drama therapy, self-revelatory performance, educational theatre, and Theatre of the Oppressed; listening to stories within the group and in the Institute; and a lot of dialogue. Each original theatre piece is collectively developed by the troupe and director/s.