Drama Therapy


Apply to the Drama Therapy Program

One of my most life changing experiences! The Drama Therapy program at CIIS gave me the personal and clinical resources I needed to become a skilled therapist, while remaining in touch with my artist self. - Dorothy Lemoult, MA (2011)

Admission Requirements

We seek (and seem to attract!) creative, motivated, mature students who have already demonstrated a strong interest in the integration of theater and therapy.

Integrity, introspection, and dedication are all essential attributes. Our students come to the program from around the world. Applicants must have a background in drama/theater and a minimum of two undergraduate psychology courses. Volunteer or paid work experience in human services is strongly recommended. 


We encourage and embrace diversity in our program, and place a high value on having students from a variety of racial and cultural backgrounds; other representations of diversity (including age range) are also important to us. We look at each applicant holistically, and if you feel passionate about this field, we welcome your application.

THE DEADLINE TO APPLY FOR THE FALL SEMESTER IS JANUARY 15. Admission is for the Fall semester only.  Those applicants who are selected to interview will be invited to San Francisco for interviews that are held in late February to early March.

Application to the program requires the following:

Application for Admission Non-refundable $65 Application Fee

Degree Requirement: An undergraduate degree (BA, BS, or BFA) from an accredited college or university.

Transcripts: Official transcripts from all accredited academic institutions attended within the United States. Transcripts must arrive in their official, sealed envelopes.  International student transcripts must first be evaluated by the World Education Service (WES), please see details on the Applying to CIIS page.

Autobiographical Statement: A five to seven page (12 pt font, double-spaced) introspective essay in which you reflect on significant childhood and adult life experiences that have affected your personal development.

Goal Statement: A one page (12 pt font, double-spaced) statement of your educational and professional interests, goals or passions.

Two Letters of Recommendation: From academic advisors, professors or professional supervisors. Recommenders should use standard business format and include full contact information-name, email, phone number, and mailing address.

Resume/Outline: A one to two page outline listing your background/experience (if any) in: (1) theater (2) psychology (3) human services work, and (4) creative arts therapy.

Academic Prerequisites: Two undergraduate psychology courses from an accredited college or university are required. They may be in progress during the application process.

Individual and group interviews by invitation from the admissions committee.

For International students there are additional requirements. Please see the International Student page for additional information. For more information on applying please visit Applying to CIIS.

If you have any additional questions about admissions please contact our Admissions Counselor:

David Townes