Fernando Castrillon

Fernando Castrillon, MA, PsyD

Community Mental Health

4th Floor
CIIS Main Building
1453 Mission Street
San Francisco, CA 94103

Fernando Castrillon, MA, PsyD, earned a masters in sociology from the University of California and a doctorate in clinical psychology from CIIS and is a licensed clinical psychologist (CA PSY 24815).

He serves as core faculty in the Community Mental Health Department at CIIS and is the founder and former director of CIIS' The Clinic Without Walls.

Dr. Castrillon is also a candidate analyst at the Lacanian School of Psychoanalysis in Berkeley, Calif., and is on the editorial boards of the journals Ecopsychology and Universitas Psychologicas, among others.

His clinical, teaching, and research interests include the production of subjectivity (both human and more-than-human), psychoanalysis, community mental health, ecopsychology, poststructuralist social/cultural theory, schizoanalysis, liberatory politics, cosmology, entheogens, the impact of hypervelocity technological change on human psychology and intersubjectivity, the intersection of critical social theory and psychology, contemporary approaches to the treatment of psychosis, xenopsychology, violent political movements, war, terrorism, and revolution.

He recently coedited, with Doug Vakoch, a special double issue of ReVision, entitled "Ecopsychology."

Dr. Castrillon maintains a small private practice in the East Bay and in San Francisco.



Adjunct Faculty

Thomas Marchevsky, PhD
Marjorie Chaset, LFMT
Gena Castro Rodriguez, PsyD
Jeremy Jensen, PhD
Eri Cela, PhD
Mosi Mays-Mirembe, MFT
Patricia Jones, MS
Naomi O'Keefe PhD