Students and Alumni of the Clinical Psychology (PsyD) Program

Current Students

“Psychology graduate school is tough! There is no other program like this one in the world. Where else can students explore such a vast range of material, work clinically, complete a dissertation, and actively integrate best practices from various perspectives while maintaining a unique APA position? CIIS - look no further. In my third graduate program after completing the expressive arts MA at CIIS and my MBA in Europe, I really appreciate the support of our faculty in apprenticing our cohort toward eventual practice as doctoral, licensed psychologists.” -- Peter A. Brown, MBA, MA, PsyD Student (advanced standing)

"With the programs' willingness and interest in exploring all facets of human psychological experience, students have a unique opportunity to take such education into various mental health settings. In my case, working in medical hospitals, I find that the CIIS PsyD program both prepares me well and enables me to deepen the conversation with colleagues and patients in ways not usually explored." --Margaret Clausen, PsyD student

“What I appreciated about the faculty has been their knowledge and their dedication to students in the program. The dissertation is a much bigger process than I imagined and it is important to start on the literature review as early as possible and keep pushing from then on.” -- Kathleen Kunster, PsyD student

“The PsyD Program at CIIS is for highly motivated individuals who work well independently. The program offers a balanced opportunity for students to deepen their own interests in specific fields of psychology as well as to broaden their knowledge through continually available diverse experiences and teachings.”-- Kathy Hargitt, PsyD student


Amy Bandera, PsyD (2004) maintains a private practice where, among other things, she conducts psychological assessments and forensic evaluations. She is an associate of the Psychological Trauma Center. She is co-editor of "The Key to the Men's Room: What Men Talk about when Women aren't around."

Charles Flinton, PhD (1997), after graduation from CIIS, helped found a forensic mental health agency, Pacific Forensic Psychology Associates, which provides treatment services to individuals accused and/or convicted of sexual crimes. Dr. Flinton continues working with individuals, couples, and groups around issues of sexuality. He has recently taught Psychological Assessment in the PsyD Program.

Gina Hagar, PsyD (2006) completed her predoctoral and postdoctoral hours at North Broward County Jail in Florida, where she worked in the jail's transitional mental health unit. Her dissertation was a program evaluation of the novel transitional unit which worked with mentally ill inmates to improve their functioning and likelihood of succeeding in less restrictive housing. Her dissertation research was published in a corrections journal and was well received among professionals working with incarcerated clients. Gina is now licensed and working as a psychologist in North Carolina.

Ryan McKim, PsyD (2007) studied consciousness, meditation, neuroscience, and Buddhism while he was in the PsyD Program. His dissertation on the mediating effects of rumination and mindful attention in the efficacy of Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction practices took us a step forward in understanding the working of mindfulness in psychological interventions. In his postdoctoral training, Ryan focused on neuropsychology and forensics. He has recently returned to PsyD to teach Neuropsychological Assessment.