Tanya Wilkinson

Tanya Wilkinson

Clinical Psychology

1453 Mission Street, 5th Floor
San Francisco, CA 94103

Tanya Wilkinson received her Ph.D. (1979) in Clinical Psychology from the California School of Professional Psychology in Berkeley. She maintains a private practice in psychotherapy and consultation from a Jungian/feminist perspective.

Tanya has been teaching at the Institute since 1980, and she was awarded the Institute's Distinguished Teaching Award in 1987. Tanya has published two books: Medea's Folly: Women's Relationships and the Search for Intimacy(1998), and Persephone Returns: Victims, Heroes, and the Journey from the Underworld (1996). She is currently working on a third book, Joy in the Making: What Artist's Dreams Tell Us About Creativity, a project that combines her professional interest in the psychology of dreams with her work as a mixed media artist.

Medea's Folly: Women, Relationships and the Search for Intimacy, 1998 PageMill Press of Berkeley, CA.

Persephone Returns: Victims, Heroes, and the Journey from the Underworld, 1996, PageMill Press, Berkeley CA.

PDF: Review of Persephone Returns

Articles and Essays
Cauldron of Regeneration: Psychological Transformation in the Drawings of Harriette Sheranna Frances, in Frances, Sheranna, Drawing it Out: Befriending the Unconscious , 2001, MAPS Publishing, Sarasota, Florida.

PDF: Drawing it Out 1

PDF: Drawing it Out 2

Metis and Her Unborn Children: An Epistemology of the Gut, Metis, vol. 2, #1, Spring/Summer, 1997.

PDF: Metis and Her Unborn Children

New Myths for Women: Psychological Issues in the Use and Development of Goddess Stories, in the Journal of East-West Psychology vol.1 #1., Winter, 1995.

Spiderwoman's Thread: The Interpenetration of Psyche and Cosmology,
Revision, Spring, 1992.

Artist biography:

Tanya is a mixed media artist and book artist. Her work has political, mythological, biographical and narrative elements. In her paintings, sculptures, collages, assemblages and book works I use ephemera, altered books, found objects and found images.  More about her artwork can be found on www.tanya-wilkinson.com.

PDF: Artist Resume


These three pieces are part of the mixed media series "Female Personae" (2008-2010). In this series 3-D representations of iconic pieces of clothing are constructed out of paper ephemera, such as reconstruction era publications, ads for sex workers and Wonder Woman comics.

Joy of Cooking

Who Was Queen

Good Morning Little School Girl

These three pieces are part of a series of collage paintings called "Illusion of Choice" (20010-2012). In this series large paper dolls are constructed of beauty magazines and ads, then mounted on distressed layers of ads. The backgrounds are meant to evoke the experience of walking by a city wall covered with many layers of disintegrating posters.


Do Supermodels Dream of Anorexic Sheep

Lingering Ache

These pieces are part of a mixed media series called "Once Upon Another Time" (2011-2013). The works in this series are inspired by myths, fairytales and legends.

Old Lessons, Still Unlearned


Girl in a Box

"Female Personae" are all the slides from a presentation on Tanya's art work that she gave at the "Art and Psyche" conference, San Francisco Jung Institute, May, 2008. Full title is "Female Personae/Feminine Disguise".

Female Personae




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