Liu Ming

Guest Lecturer

Liu Ming is a Euro-American who has studied Asian culture, history and religion for nearly half a century. During that time he has had the great good fortune to meet, study and practice with several accomplished Tibetan and Chinese adepts from whom he learned Tantric Buddhist and Daoist meditation, ritual, yoga and neigong. His lifelong interest in Asia has also lead to decades of study of traditional Chinese astrology, medicine and divination arts. He holds a degree in Asian Aesthetics from Antioch University.

In 1984, he was the founding director of a college of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Santa Cruz, California and served on its faculty for twelve years. He has taught Continuing Education for Licensed Acupuncturists in the State of California for twenty years.

He is the founding director and principal teacher at Da Yuan Circle, founded in 1994. In the last thirty years as a teacher, he has offered instruction in Buddhist and Daoist meditation, ritual, contemplative and practical alchemy.

He is the author of Dragon's Play (1991) and a translation of the Yijing entitled Changing Zhouyi: The Heart of the Yijing (2005). He is currently at work on a translation and commentary of Laozi: Daodejing. He has also contributed to a number of academic and popular journals.

Along with his teaching and writing work, Liu Ming serves as a traditional Chinese astrology and fengshui consultant.