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A Talk with RJ Maccani: Lessons in Applying Transformative Justice to End Gender-Based Violence

November  18, 2013
7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Anthropology and Social Change   


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A Talk with RJ Maccani: Lessons in Applying Transformative Justice to End Gender-Based Violence

Lessons in Applying Transformative Justice to End Gender-Based Violence

Monday, November 18 @ 7pm
Area 5 (fifth floor)

The Challenging Male Supremacy Project (CMS) emerged in 2008 as an all volunteer collective committed to strengthening and supporting the capacities of men and masculine-identified people to challenge male supremacist practices and cultures as part of a broader movement for collective liberation. This effort, led by men, grew out of an expressed need to challenge male supremacy in NYC-based social justice and organizing circles. With support from feminist, queer and trans justice groups throughout the city, and from Bay Area-based groups generationFIVE, generative somatics, and Creative Interventions, CMS has led interventions in specific instances of violence, facilitated long-term group work with men, developed media tools, and contributed to building a network of over a dozen collectives, social justice and anti-violence organizations throughout NYC who are integrating transformative justice into their work. What lessons can be drawn from CMS' first five years? What questions remain? What possibilities lie ahead?

"The Challenging Male Supremacy Project is a much-needed initiative at a time when we are daily witnessing the celebration of aggressive forms of masculinity in every sphere of life and male violence against women is escalating all over the world."  -Silvia Federici

Presenter Bio:

RJ Maccani has played many different roles in social and environmental justice movements over the past 15 years. His current work focuses on building transformative justice responses to violence against women, queer and trans people, and children. He realizes this as a co-founder and organizer of the Challenging Male Supremacy Project, as a Leadership Team member for generationFIVE, and as a generative somatics practitioner. RJ pays the bills in New York City as Co-Leader and Community Programs Producer for the Foundry Theatre.

AREA 5 (5th Floor), California Institute of Integral Studies
1453 Mission Street, San Francisco, CA 94103


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