Academic Departments

California Institute of Integral Studies is organized into three schools which are themselves organized into departments. Some departments are further divided into disciplinary or interdisciplinary concentrations. Administrative and academic responsibility for a department or a concentration, in those departments that have concentrations, is assigned to the department or concentration chairperson.


Department of Counseling Psychology

The department administers one degree, the master's in counseling psychology, with five distinct concentrations. Learn about the psychology graduate program in the Department of Counseling Psychology.

Writing, Consciousness, and Creative Inquiry

Offering an MFA in Creative Inquiry, Interdisciplinary Arts and an MFA in Writing and Consciousness. Learn more about MFA programs in the Department of Writing, Consciousness, and Creative Inquiry.


Interdisciplinary Studies

The School of Undergraduate Studies offers a degree in Interdisciplinary Study through the Bachelor of Arts Completion (BAC) Program.

Clinical Psychology

Department offers a doctorate in Clinical Psychology through the PsyD program.

Philosophy and Religion

The department administers the MA and PhD programs in Asian and Comparative Studies, Philosophy, Cosmology, and Consciousness, and Women's Spirituality.

East-West Psychology

Offering a master’s program and a doctoral program in East-West Psychology, and a certificate program in East-West Spiritual Counseling. Learn about psychology graduate programs in the Department of East-West Psychology.

Anthropology and Social Change

The department administers the MA and PhD in Anthropology and Social Change. Learn about graduate work in the Department of Anthropology and Social Change.

Integrative Health Studies

The department offers an MA in Integrative Health Studies. Learn more about graduate work in the Department of Integrative Health Studies.

Transformative Inquiry

Department administers the MA in Transformative Leadership program and the PhD in Transformative Studies program.