Charlotte Sáenz, Ed., MFA

Charlotte Sáenz, Ed.M., MFA

Adjunct Faculty
Bachelor's Completion Program

Charlotte Sáenz, Ed., MFA, works globally in community as an artist, activist, and educator towards social and political change. Using multimodal teaching and learning strategies as well as diverse media and forms of creative expression, she collaborates with others on documenting, researching, storytelling, healing, and connecting with each other. She is interested in how creative learning processes can disrupt dominant narratives, expand our perspective, reveal us to ourselves, and lead us to new social action. Among her collaborations are video and performance projects with pan-Arab youth & Palestinian refugees throughout Lebanon, immigrants in Chicago, Nahuatl-speaking youth in Tlaxcala, and a Tzotzil/Tzeltal women's playwright and theater group in Chiapas. She is a member of Universidad de la Tierra Chiapas and worked with UniTierra Oaxaca on a traveling program now called "Beyond Globalization." She leads a winter study-trip to Chiapas focusing on Zapatismo and is currently researching the contemporary emergence of global community feminisms. In San Francisco, she teaches Interdisciplinary Studies at the California Institute of Integral Studies. In Lebanon she worked with the Arab Resource Center for Popular Arts and Brummana High School. In Chicago she was Co-Director of Street-Level Youth Media and on the Board of Women in the Director's Chair. In Mexico D.F., where she was born and raised, she served as Deputy Director of Academic Planning at the National Center of the Arts. She holds a BA from Yale, an International Education Ed.M. from Harvard, and a MFA in Film, Video & New Media from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

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