Wendell Peters

Wendell Peters, BA '12

Bachelor's Completion Program


Wendell Peters (BA ’12) studied Fine Art and Psychology at a California state university, intent on bridging these two fields in his work. After five years of study, Wendell left school discouraged because he could not find the support he needed to develop his interdisciplinary interest. He then moved to New York where he worked in the design field for three years, but he still had hopes to complete his BA and continue on to graduate school, and he was still passionate about integrating art and psychology. Upon moving back to California and learning about the BAC Program, Wendell was excited to find an education that encourages, rather than discourages, interdisciplinary perspectives and approaches:

“Finding a place that was so rich and integrative was a huge breath of fresh air.”

Wendell also found that in contrast to the impersonal education he experienced before, the cohort model placed emphasis on students’ experiences and perspectives:

“Drawing and learning from one another, making connections,” was a powerful way to learn.

Since graduating, Wendell has continued the work that he started as part of his BAC Senior Project, facilitating an art therapy workshop for residents at a transitional home through the Berkeley Food and Housing Project. He is also in the process of applying for the Expressive Arts Therapy graduate program at CIIS.