Sunny Torres

Sunny Torres, BA '12

Bachelor's Completion Program

Sunny Torres (BA ’12) worked in the medical field for twelve years, and although he was on a successful career path with upward mobility, he still felt that something was incomplete in his life:

“I didn’t feel that this was my path.”

When he first visited CIIS, he was impressed by the diversity and welcoming atmosphere, and as a transgender man, this was something that he did not always find in other settings. Sunny’s experiences as a student only reinforced his initial impression:

“This school does not just judge people. You can be who you are.”

Sunny also appreciated the cohort model, in which students learned together, supported each other, challenged one another’s assumptions, and gained insight into multiple perspectives.

Sunny is in the process of applying to the Somatic Psychology graduate program at CIIS. He continues to work at his medical job, while gaining experience in his chosen path of counseling through volunteering at San Quentin T.R.U.S.T., which supports incarcerated men as they transition out of prison.

Looking back on his time in the BAC Program, Sunny reflects,

“It opened up my mind even wider; if I had a wide understanding before, it’s much wider now.”