Jamelle Brown

Jamelle Brown, BA '12

Bachelor's Completion Program

Before enrolling in the BA Completion Program, Jamelle Brown (BA ’12) was a stay-at-home mom to three children, had previously worked in management in the corporate sector, and had come close to earning her BA degree. In 2010, these factors all converged, motivating her to return to school: As a parent, she wanted to further her education in order to better provide for her children and be an inspirational role model for them; as a former corporate employee, she wanted to pursue work that felt meaningful and that spoke to her social justice background; and as a former student, not finishing her degree weighed heavily on her mind. Although she was anxious about returning to school, she felt a burst of motivation that hasn’t stopped since she began the program:

“When I initially started, I thought I would just get this quick BA, but I was so transformed. The program totally changed my view and goals…It creates space for individuals to live up to their dreams and fulfill their highest potential.”

Upon earning her BA, Jamelle continued on to graduate studies in CIIS’s Community Mental Health Program. She is working toward a Master’s Degree in Counseling Psychology, aiming to work as a counselor at a nonprofit or school, and perhaps eventually pursuing a PhD. To prospective students, especially other parents and people of color, Jamelle encourages,

“When you are ready and the timing is right, nothing is going to stop you, not even yourself. I am that example. You can do it!”