Becky Walsh

Becky Walsh, BA '09

Bachelor's Completion Program

Before starting the BAC Program, Becky Walsh (BA 2009) was well-known in London as a professional psychic, radio show host, and published author. Although she was successful in her career, she felt "stuck in limbo and missing a sense of community." She knew there was more to her work than the label "psychic" allowed, but was uncertain of how to move to the next stage.

Upon discovering the BAC Program, Becky moved from the UK to San Francisco where she found community in the cohort learning model, and faculty members who provided rich, individualized learning opportunities:

"What I realized during the year was that I didn't have to call myself anything; I didn't have to travel a road that was given to me. I can create what I want and it doesn't have to already exist. I just have to be able to articulate what that is."

Since graduating in 2009, Becky released her second book and will soon release her third. She is also building a retreat center and an online school that engages multiple ways of learning, both inspired from her time in the BAC. In addition to earning her degree, Becky says,

" I learned how to become an entrepreneur in my own life."

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