SUS Assessment Processes

We are currently moving from periodic assessment at the program level to ongoing assessment as part of a continuous and interconnected assessment cycle. During the spring 2012 semester, the core faculty and director of our program came together to revisit major learning outcomes. Major learning outcomes were reviewed, revised and developed in light of who we are as a program and in consideration of the most current directions in higher education, specifically the recommendations presented in: The Degree Qualifications Profile by the Lumina Foundation.

In addition to revising learning outcomes we also engaged in the following processes:

  • Alignment of learning outcomes with core curriculum
  • Alignment of learning outcomes with Lumina learning outcomes
  • Alignment of existing products with learning outcomes
  • Development and articulation of new verbs not found on Blooms’ Taxonomy that are more congruent with our pedagogies and philosophies. Drawing from existing taxonomies we have updated categories to include: Integrating and Critical Reflecting. Verbs for Integrating include synthesize and co-create, and verbs for Critical Reflecting include deconstruct, situate, problematize, and self-awareness.
  • Added a new required course to address the quantitative learning outcomes for the interdisciplinary major

Future and ongoing processes and professional development will include:

  • Development of aforementioned quantitative course to be offered in the spring semester 2013 [FA2012]
  • Come together with adjunct faculty and staff to discuss the teaching, learning, and assessment process [once each semester]
  • Assessment of Senior Projects across all four sections, including revisiting existing rubrics [SU2012]
  • Program supported opportunities for faculty and students to engage in assessment processes, such as faculty-student comparisons of major learning outcomes with teaching, learning and assessment components. Bring students into the teaching-learning-assessment process. [FA2012]
  • Development of data collection process for incoming students to better understand the students we serve.